The Murder of Damian Rich

New York City Police are searching for the suspect who shot dead 28-year-old Damian Rich in his apartment on Washington Avenue. The victim, Damian Rich, was found dead at the NYCHA Claremont Consolidated Houses. He died of a gunshot wound to the head. The suspect remains at large. It’s unclear what prompted Rich to kill himself, but police believe that he was a drug user.

According to court records, Rich admitted to the burglary, which left a woman with facial fractures. Rich told a probation officer that he was high on cocaine, and that he believed Woman A was unfaithful. Rich also sent vile messages and hurled paint at Woman B. Judge Menary ordered Rich to spend three years in jail and imposed an indefinite restraining order. Rich will have to repay the woman for the harm he did.

Hector is Rich’s architecture and planning studio. He has worked on projects for public schools and community-based organizations. Some of his most recent projects include designing a river park in Newark, writing citywide zoning regulations, and creating a memorial for environmental activist Sister Carol Johnston. The studio’s mission is to make the city a better area to live, work and play. This book is a great resource for urban design enthusiasts.

The Murder of Damian Rich
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