The NBA Lifestyle Is Not For Everyone

NBA players are known to be sexually predatory. Some have had dozens of sex affairs. Wilt Chamberlain slept with over 20,000 women and has reportedly fathered seven children. Gary Payton has fathered two sons, five months apart. Shawn Kemp reportedly had seven children with six women, while Calvin Murphy reportedly had 14 with nine women. The NBA lifestyle is not for everyone.

NBA players have some of the highest salaries of any professional athlete. Their teams generate billions in revenue each year. This wealth enables these players to live an extravagant lifestyle. They may have a priceless vintage car, spend millions on first class travel, or have an impressive real estate portfolio. These players also have ample time to volunteer for charity, as well. However, all this comes at a cost. Some NBA players can afford extravagant lifestyles. Others let the luxury consume them.

While the players in the NBA live in an extravagant lifestyle, the majority of them spend a significant portion of their time taking care of their bodies. LeBron James spends millions of dollars improving his body. Many players travel to exotic places for games, spend countless hours jetsetting between cities, and indulge in the latest gadgets and sports. The NBA lifestyle might not be right for you if your circadian rhythm is disturbed.

Keeping an eye on NBA fashion is essential to living a luxury life. NBA players often dress up like models on the runway. Russell Westbrook has two separate collections of Barneys suits. Malcolm Jenkins is one of many Philadelphians who has his own custom suit store. Riccardo Tisci, on the other hand, has themed his menswear show after basketball. The result? A fashion show that makes basketball fans feel opulent.

Other players are also living large. Dwayne Wade, who was a player with the Miami Heat for his last season, owns a Los Angeles estate that has six bedrooms. It was purchased from Scott Disick, his ex-boyfriend. He owns over 500 pairs of shoes, making him well-known for his OCD. Anthony is one of many players who earns a million dollars a year. However, the lifestyle of the NBA is not for everyone. And for those who do not, there is still plenty of money to spare.

Many players decide to pursue different careers after they retire. The majority of players in the NBA, however, will play the game for only three or four seasons and then retire. A variety of career options are available to players that combine aspects of the game, in addition to the financial benefits. Some players choose to play full-time basketball, while others are interested in careers that combine their hobbies and make money. What about their lifestyle?

The NBA Lifestyle Is Not For Everyone
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