The New England Patriots 2012 Season

The 2012 New England Patriots season was one of the most successful for the team in recent years. They played their 43rd season in the National Football League and 53rd season in their history. They finished the season with a record 14-4 and topped the AFC East. Continue reading to learn more about the team’s success. This article will give you all the information you need about the Patriots season.

The 2012 Patriots season was not without its ups. Despite losing their first two games, the team continued to show that they could compete in the AFC. Although Brady was terrible in the first half of the game, he was fantastic in the second. They won five of six games, including a win against the Buffalo Bills, division rival. Their win against the Bills was their lone loss, but their success in the second half was evident. The Patriots also topped the Texans and the Colts in week eight.

The Patriots spent their first six draft picks on defense. They selected defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Dont’a Hightower in the first round. They also added Steve Gregory, a veteran safety from the Chargers. The Patriots’ success in 2012 will depend on Chandler Jones’ passing skills.

Recent years have seen New England experience success, something that few other teams have ever experienced. The Patriots are not content with just winning the AFC Championship game. The NFL is not one to settle for mediocrity. The 2012 season will offer the Pats a great chance to build on the success of 2011.

Don Criqui, a veteran NFL player, previews the 2012 New England Patriots season. He predicts that Tom Brady will have another great season and that the defense is going to be very strong. The defense should be better with the addition of new players. The 2012 Patriots season is the first since 2008, when the Patriots lost to the Steelers in the NFC Championship match. The Patriots should be back in the playoffs in 2013.

New England’s defense has become even more dominant. The defense allowed only six interceptions this season, and the team averaged 28 first downs per game. These statistics aside, the Patriots ended the season with 557 points, which is the most in the NFL. They finished second in NFL history, behind only the 2007 Patriots. During the season, they broke the record that had stood for eight straight seasons. If the Jets could score three touchdowns in less than a minute, they’d be even better.

The Bills were able to move the ball well on their first drive. They reached the Patriots’ 38 yard line before being forced to punt. The Patriots responded by driving 62 yards in five plays. The fourth quarter ended with Brady hitting Lloyd with a touchdown pass. Fitzpatrick’s fourth interception opened the door for the Patriots’ drive to their four yard line. After the Bills scored on a one-yard run by Lamar Jackson, the Patriots ran out the clock to win 31-24.

The New England Patriots 2012 Season
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