“The New Monday” Album Review

“The New Monday” is a concept record that distills the Detroit musical culture into one cohesive album. While the album’s sound is eclectic, it is also a great listen for people who are tired of the same old, same-old stuff. This album was released by Ghostly International on October 6. We review the album and discuss its merits.

New Monday’s sound is diverse, with influences ranging from soul to rock to indie. The band’s diverse song repertoire is sure to energize the dance floor. Its name is a tribute to the diverse music community that makes up the city’s vibrant, thriving music scene. New Monday incorporates many musical influences into their music, but they also respect the city’s culture and history. The band is most popular with those who want a more modern sound.

Detroit-based DJ Shigeto created “The New Monday”, a concept album. It elevates the notion of nostalgia and memory to new heights. It’s a collection songs that transport listeners back to lost moments. Shigeto, a former Detroit singer who moved to Brooklyn four years ago, wrote The New Monday. He returned to Detroit and combined his influences from the Detroit music scene to create his own sound.

“The New Monday” Album Review
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