The Neymar Jr Logo Isn’t Neymar, It’s Neymar

the neymar jr logo isnt neymar its neymar 29932

The Neymar jr logo is a new craze in soccer, but it was actually designed before Neymar’s arrival. It’s a playful design that evokes urban expression and was used between 2012 and 2018. It conceals the number 11 in ‘N’, but it’s not a Mascot because Neymar is the most well-known Brazilian.

The original Neymar jr logo was designed in 2012, when he was playing for Santos. This design was cleverly done by using the ‘N’ as the number 11. Eventually, this evolved into the ‘NEYMAR’ logo, which shaved off the ‘N’ and divided the word into three parts. The ‘NJR’ logo will now be used on all Nike x Neymar products beginning next year.

The Neymar Jr Logo Isn’t Neymar, It’s Neymar
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