The NFL Schedule For 1997

Here’s a look into the 1997 nfl schedule. In case you’re not familiar with this season’s games, here’s a breakdown of the game times. Green Bay at Tampa Bay kicks things off at 1 p.m., while New England takes on the Philadelphia Eagles. Other notable games include Green Bay vs Tampa Bay at 4 pm, Oakland vs Kansas City at 1 pm, and Seattle vs Baltimore and Philadelphia vs San Francisco at 1 pm. Atlanta at San Diego will be played at 4 p.m. Detroit at Miami at 8:45 p.m. Carolina at Dallas at 9:15 p.m. and Pittsburgh at New England starting at 1 p.m.

The 1997 season was the 78th season of the National Football League. The 1997 season saw the Houston Oilers move to Nashville, Tennessee. The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis was the team’s old home stadium. Construction began on a new stadium for Nashville in 1997. Houston was re-joined in 2002. TNT broadcast the NFL games, while Fox and CBS kept their American Football Conference packages. ESPN was awarded the rights to air Sunday games.

The NFL schedule is created each spring by NFL executives. The schedule is not only based on game times but also the number of games each team will play. The number of television viewers is also considered by the NFL. The average viewer will watch eight games per week, so the NFL schedule is not only popular, but it can also be extremely lucrative. The NFL schedule is the blueprint of the entire NFL season. It’s difficult to get it right. How can NFL executives create a schedule that will keep fans excited about the next season?

The NFL Schedule For 1997
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