The Potty Safe and the Shark Tank Update

The Potty Safe has made it to the Shark Tank! The product was launched just six months ago and is available online and in Walmart stores. It has attracted the interest of several Sharks, and two have offered to invest in the company. Lori Greiner offered $50,000 for 20% of the company. The Halls declined, but Greiner was impressed and said she might consider a partnership with the company. Whether or not she invests in the company depends on the future of the Sharks.

The Potty Safe is a lockable trash can that keeps children from removing the contents. The product comes with a lockable base so that it is nearly impossible for a child to remove it. Lori called the founders to offer them $50,000 and offered to buy 20 percent of the business. They agreed, but they need more help with marketing and education. The Sharks were concerned about the Potty Safe’s sales figures in 2019, but both Stacy and Colt expressed confidence in the product.

After the Sharks’ decision, sales of the Potty Safe rocketed tenfold. In fact, they increased by 500% in a single week! Sales have since increased by more than 500%. The product can now be purchased online on the official website and at major department stores, such as Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond. The company is also available at Wal-Mart and on Amazon. With its impressive reviews, the Potty Safe is an excellent investment for parents.

Since the Potty Safe’s debut on Shark Tank, it has garnered more than $ 250,000 in sales. Currently, the Potty Safe is selling for $17,000 per month, and if it continues to grow at this rate, it could be worth up to $250,000 in 2022. The Halls, who are from Exeter, originally invented the product in 2013, and opened their company in August of 2018.

The Potty Safe and the Shark Tank Update
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