The rapper – Tory Lanez Bio and Net Worth


Tory Lanez is the stage name of Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson, a Canadian rapper, singer, and record producer. He first gained fame with the mixtape Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story. Since then, he has become one of Canada’s most popular artists.


Born Tory Lanez was raised by his parents, Sonstar and Luella. His father is a Christian and was appointed as an ordained minister.

Tory Lanez’s mother died when he was a young boy and he grew up with an absent father. 

Early life 

On July 27, 1992, Tory Lanez was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Sonstar Peterson and Luella. His family has devoted Christians. He was one of the family’s four children. The family moved to Florida after Troy was born, spending some time in Montreal.

Tory was captivated by the thriving rap music scene in Florida when she arrived. Before a major tragedy struck his family, Tory had begun rapping when he was a child and continued to do so throughout his early years.

When Tori was 11 years old, his mother passed away from a rare illness. Tory was dealt a severe blow by this. Following this, his father took on the roles of missionary and preacher. He worked in a variety of locations across the United States. Tory went on trips with his father.

Tory continued to rap after the family moved to Georgia. He met a man by the name of Hakeem, who advised him to go by the stage name “Tory Lanez.”

Tory never fully recovered from the loss of his mother. Additionally, Tory experienced additional emotional difficulties as a result of his father’s remarriage. In 2006, Tory moved to New York, but his condition did not get better. He was then returned to Toronto and placed with his grandmother to live there. She did not, however, take him in. As a result, Tory was homeless at the age of 15.

Tory began sharing a home with three strangers after his grandmother left him behind. In tenth grade, he quit school and became a full-time musician.

He began rapping at outdoor music concerts when he was 16 years old. He seemed to have a natural talent for music, even though he never received formal training in the field. Tony soon returned to the United States and settled in Florida.


Tory Lanez attended Brampton, Ontario’s Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School. However, when he was 16 and in the 10th grade, he made the decision to quit school to concentrate on his music career.


Tory Lanez is a singer and rapper from Canada. Lanez started rapping when he was 16 years old. His first album, Memories Don’t Die, reached the top of the Billboard 200. 

In 2009, he started rapping full-time and posted his music videos on YouTube. His videos quickly became popular and he received his first record deal.

Tory Lanez signed with Mad Love Records, which is distributed by Interscope. After the release of his debut album, Tory Lanez performed a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The song ‘Say It’, by Tory Lanez has been making waves in the music scene for years now. He has released several mixtapes and made guest appearances in videos. During the first half of the 2010s, he gradually moved toward mainstream success.

He was able to reach the Top 10 in the U.S. and Canada by the time he released his first proper album, entitled Sorry 4 What.

In August 2014, Tory was working on the soundtrack for the movie Lost Cause. He released a single titled “The Mission” from the soundtrack. The track went on to reach number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He also founded a record label, One Umbrella, in 2014, and has since become a big star. His song “LOVE” has received over 8.3 million plays on Soundcloud

He has even signed deals with Android and Microsoft.

Net worth 

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez has built up a net worth of around $4 million. His wealth has been built up mainly from his music and concerts. 

Social media 

Tory Lanez is a very popular YouTuber, with over 300,000 followers. He uses his YouTube channel to host live shows and has a great number of subscribers and video views.

His YouTube channel has also been very successful, allowing him to make millions from his music. Lanez started by making his music videos and then started collaborating with other popular artists.


Tory Lanez has been involved in several scandals and has had his share of criticism. His recent arrest for shooting an ex-girlfriend in Georgia has resulted in a decrease in his streaming figures.


Tory Lanez has had some controversial moments in his career. While he has been a popular artist for several years, he has also been in the spotlight because of his beef with Drake and the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. According to his arrest report, 


The most notable of Lanez’s relationships have been with hip-hop artist Trina, and model Kayla Garcia. The pair dated in 2018, shortly after the release of Lanez’s album ‘Memories Don’t Die’. Though their relationship was short-lived, the two remained friendly following their split. 

More recently, Lanez has been linked to model Kayla Garcia who he met through the social media platform TikTok. Since then, they have both shared affectionate posts about each other on Instagram, sparking rumors that the two are dating. While neither party has confirmed any details about their relationship status yet, it is clear that there is an undeniable bond between them.


His popularity has increased over the past few years and he has won several awards. He has received Grammy nominations for “Luv” and “Shooters” and several Juno Awards. His latest album, ‘Feet Too’, has won him several awards including

R& B/Soul Recording of the Year. 

Lanez has released five studio albums, as well as two EPs and numerous singles that have been streamed millions of times worldwide. He’s also won numerous awards including two BET Awards for Best New Artist and Best Male Hip Hop Artist. His collaboration with Chris Brown on ‘Liquor’ reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified gold by the RIAA.


In conclusion, Tory Lanez is a remarkable artist with a far-reaching impact on the music industry. His unique sound and creative style have inspired countless other artists and fans alike. He has influenced the culture, bridging together different genres of music to create something truly special. With a career spanning over 10 years, he continues to challenge himself and create even more captivating music for listeners around the world. He is an inspiration to many and his legacy will continue to be remembered for generations to come.

The rapper – Tory Lanez Bio and Net Worth

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