The Rock and Microsoft

Microsoft and The Rock have teamed up for a new Xbox video game. The two men introduced the game at CES 2001 and joked around with attendees. The Rock donned itty-bitty sunglasses and a costume that resembled a bouncer during the event. Whether they were joking about WWE or Microsoft, the Rock helped usher in a new age of gaming. Listed below are some highlights of The Rock’s relationship with Microsoft.

Bill Gates introduced the Xbox Live at the CES 2001 in 2001 thanks to The Rock. The video went viral and has shaped the gaming industry ever since. The video also features The Rock being criticized by his fans who claim he is Bill Gates’ youngest daughter. Chris Rock and The Rock also discuss the future direction of the videogame industry. The Rock has also been a fan of the video game industry for the past two decades.

The Rock’s relationship with Microsoft extends beyond sports. The Rock is a two time World Wrestling Federation champion, and was an active member of the WWF. He was also the host for the Xbox presentation at CES 2001. Both Johnson and Gates are active in the gaming industry. The Rock, on the other hand, is not one to be impressed easily. He was nevertheless excited about the new game. What’s next for The Rock then?

In 2001, Bill Gates and The Rock teamed up for the first time to promote the Xbox. The two men have been together on many occasions and continue to promote Xbox. The Rock recently spoke at Microsoft’s Gamers Outreach event. While they are not officially associated, their association with each other makes The Rock an ambassador for the Xbox and Microsoft. The Rock is a well-deserved ambassador for Microsoft and Xbox. It’s an honor to be associated these two companies.

The Rock and Microsoft
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