The Rock Makes Fun of the Big Show

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There is a moment in WWE’s “And God Spoke to Billy” when Chris Rock catches up with The Big Show. The Big Show, who had just won the Royal Rumble, is unaware that Chris Rock is about to get his face in the spotlight. When Rock tells him this, The Big Show blubbers like a baby and breaks his laptop. This is the perfect way to make fun of the big show!

This scene was cut short by Triple H. During the show, Rock makes fun of the WWF Championship match tonight and announces his New Year’s resolution to win the WWF Championship. During the match, Hard Rock also brings up the firing of Mick Foley last week, and challenges Triple H to a one-on-one match. The Rock calls out Triple H and tells him that he wants his jacket back, but he doesn’t want his name out there.

Many fans were shocked that the WWE superstars didn’t pay attention to Big Show after their debut. Stone Cold Steve Austin also interviewed Big Show about his early days in WWE. Big Show admitted that he ignored the stars, but Johnson was the only one who was kind to him. Although it’s not clear how the interview ended, it’s worth watching. If you’re a fan of the WWE, it’s worth reading this article. You’ll be glad that you did.

The rock makes fun of the big show with a sketch in which he disguises himself as a monkey in order to get the ladies to give him a “meating.” As if to add insult to injury, The Rock offers his wife a cigarette and a boo when his name is revealed on screen. Throughout the episode, he also makes fun of the Big Show’s audience, which he subsequently starred in.

Michael Cole, the ring announcer, attempts to interview Triple H following the match. The Big Show stops him from finishing his interview and catches him doing a back flip. He then hits Triple H with a whip and the two wrestlers fight in a back-and-forehead battle. After Triple H beats Triple H with a whip, Show gets out of the ring to make his entrance. It’s an excellent moment in the ring, but it’s not the only one to feature on the show.

The feud between Triple H and The Rock is well-known. Both have fought against each others in the past but The Big Show was the victor. The Rock and The Undertaker have both been involved in controversial situations. Because they work in the same company. And that is why The Rock makes fun of the Big Show. Although The Big Show and Hulk Hogan have sparred on the ring, they both seem to enjoy The Rock’s comedy routine.

The Rock Makes Fun of the Big Show
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