The Salary Range For a Professor at Portland State University

If you want to know the salary range for a professor at Portland State University, keep reading. The salary for a tenure-track professor is $118,890. The salary range of a professor at Portland State University is calculated using 43 data points, which includes past job advertisements on Indeed that were posted within the last 36 month. These data are derived from self-reported employment history and other public sources. To find out more about your salary range, check out the Indeed employee reviews to see what others have to say.

Because of their knowledge and ability to engage with students, a professor at Portland State University is a highly valued employee. With nearly 29,000 students and scores of student groups, faculty at Portland State University have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including social change, education, and empowerment of those who have been impacted by oppression. The university is dedicated to eradicating poverty, promoting social justice, and ensuring an environment where everyone can live in peace and cooperation.

Employees can be hired in other departments, in addition to the salary scale for professors at Portland State University. IT & Software Development professionals average $75,000 per annum, while Marketing, Product, and Communications professionals average $53,000 per annum. MBA graduates at Portland State University earn the highest salaries, while bachelor’s degree holders make the least – $60,000 per year. These salary surveys will help you make an informed decision about whether or not Portland State University is right for you.

Your salary will be slightly more if you are a full-time employee at Portland State University. The salary for assistants at the university ranges from $32,893 per year to $67,715 per year. If you work part-time at the university, you could earn up to $100,000 in nine months. You should review the funding requirements and general requirements if you are looking to earn a full-time income.

Professors at Portland State University have significantly higher salaries than other universities. Head coaches will receive salaries between $350,000 and $58,500, and assistant professors will earn around $66,000 per year. Head football coach Bill Bowerman will earn about $350,000 per year. Other coaches at Oregon schools will earn salaries ranging from $350,000 to $58,500. These salaries are not only higher than the average, but they are still lower than those of professors at universities.

Although the Portland State University salary range is higher than the national average it is still lower than other universities. In fact, some flagship universities were even paying their presidents more than $1 million per year. These salaries were based on base pay, which was a combination of bonuses and compensation beyond base pay. If you’re wondering whether your salary is reasonable, consider hiring a tenure-track professor. If you don’t get a promotion or a pay raise, you’ll probably be out of work before you know it.

The Salary Range For a Professor at Portland State University
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