The SF Giants Roster 1989

The SF Giants roster 1989 holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Although they didn’t win that year’s World Series and didn’t have Hall of Famers, their personalities, moments and fun together make 1989 a fond memory. It’s no wonder that this team’s resurgence has lasted all these years. For a complete look at the history of the Giants, read the entire 1989 Giants roster.

The Giants’ offense in 1989 was the best in the NL, leading the league in slugging (.391), OPS (.706), home runs (141), and runs scored (699). With its lineup centered around Kevin Mitchell and Will Clark, the Giants put up 4.31 runs per game. With all those bats, it’s easy to see why the SF Giants were so good.

This team’s 1989 roster features every player who appeared in a game during the 1989 season. The Giants roster also includes every player’s career statistics, as well as games played at each position. The Fast Facts section includes information about the Opening Day starters, starting pitchers, and salary. The uniform number breakdown is also included. A complete list of the Giants’ top ten players for 1989 is also included in the Giants roster.

In addition to the era’s superstars, the ’89 team had a remarkably successful season. Despite a disappointing World Series appearance in 1989, the Giants still managed to win three pennants in a row and one World Series. The next year, they lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NLCS, but they would come back to win the NL West and the ’98 World Series.

The San Francisco Giants, led by Tim Lincecum, returned to the postseason 2010 with their pitcher Tim Lincecum. They beat the Texas Rangers in five games in the World Series. In the NLCS, they won six of seven elimination games. The Giants beat the Phillies in four games in both the division series as well as the championship series. The team reached the World Series after a thrilling playoff run. Its fans are proud of their success, and they continue to cheer on the team.

One notable player on the Giants’ roster from that year was Stu Miller. He was a controversial choice for a pitcher in that season. The Giants reliever gave up three runs in four innings, but won the series and won their first World Series. The Giants won the NLCS in the last three years, but it was a difficult time for the team. They finished just one game short of the World Series, and had to settle for a second-place finish.

In 2002, the Giants won the World Series. While it wasn’t memorable on-field play, the team’s return to the World Series was characterized by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the city of San Francisco just before Game 3 of the series. Many television stations broadcast the game from Candlestick Park and the images of that earthquake were transmitted across the country. They eventually lost the series, but they regained the title.

The SF Giants Roster 1989
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