The Sheepdog Meme

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The sheepdog meme has become a popular topic of discussion for many people, including politicians and military members. The idea of the sheepdog is not new. It was created by screenwriter Jason Hall, and was originally derived from Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman’s book On Combat. The meme has spread across the military, police, and right-wing blogosphere, but has been particularly successful amongst gun rights activists. What’s so funny about this little ditty?

The sheepdog is often depicted as an aggressive animal. However, this meme highlights its positive qualities. This breed is often viewed as a protector and guard, despite its potential to be violent and destructive. It is not defined by hatred of wolves or reasons for harming someone, but rather by its compassion and willingness protect its flock. This is contrary to what many people believe. If you are tired of hearing about the evils in the world, why don’t you join the army and become an army sheepdog?

The Sheepdog Meme
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