The Tennessee Titans Sign Defensive End Harold Landry to a Five-Year, $87.5 Million Contract

According to reports, the Tennessee Titans met with Harold Landry, a free unrestricted agent defensive end. The Titans have a two-day legal tamper period after Landry’s rookie contract expires on March 16. The team has until March 14th to begin contract negotiations with Landry’s camps. The Titans will then be able to begin negotiations with any unrestricted, free agent they choose. But the Titans are currently $7 million over the salary cap for 2022 and must reach a deal to keep Landry in Nashville.

The Tennessee Titans reportedly considered using the franchise tag on Landry to secure a long-term contract for the defensive lineman. Although it wasn’t clear if the franchise tag would have been applied, Landry could have gone on the open market in less than a week if they had. But the Titans didn’t use the franchise tag and signed Landry to a five-year, $87.5 million extension. Of that, $52.5 million is guaranteed. This will keep Landry with Team USA until 2026.

Landry has been resigned by the Titans. The 25-year-old edge rusher has been a cornerstone of the defense for the last four seasons and was worth a massive extension as free agency approached. He is expected to be back with the Titans in 2021 and 2020 as the defensive coordinator. His contract was worth $26 million in 2021 with a cap hit of $17.5 million.

As a free agent, the Tennessee Titans didn’t apply the franchise tag to Landry this year. They were at grave risk of losing Landry to free agency, as he was coming off his best season yet. However, they didn’t wait long enough to get the edge rusher they need. On Tuesday, the Titans signed Landry to a new contract with a five-year, $87.5 million value. That’s $52.5 million in guaranteed money, which is a huge boost for the Titans.

It is important to remember that elite pass rushers don’t depend on their teammates. He needs a team around him to succeed, and a strong offensive line is crucial. Landry must have continuity in the front seven, in addition to Dupree. He will be looking to repeat his success in 2021. But even with the best defense in the league, it’s difficult to replicate that success with an unrestricted free agent.

The Tennessee Titans Sign Defensive End Harold Landry to a Five-Year, $87.5 Million Contract
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