The Toronto Raptors Earned Jersey 2021

This article will discuss the new alternate jerseys of the Toronto Raptors. These jerseys combine purple and upward-facing, chevrons. While the top portion is pitch black, it contrasts nicely with the rest of the jersey. Although the team hasn’t yet revealed any Drake-inspired alternatives, they are just as solid as the black and gold jerseys. They will be revealed by the Toronto Raptors, hopefully.

The chevron theme

The Toronto Raptors’ new uniforms are striking. The uniforms feature a prominent chevron motif. It has purple underneath the chevron, black above, and a white maple leaf at its waist. In celebration of Drake’s Welcome to Toronto campaign, the new uniforms were revealed. The team also donated $1 million to refurbish local community basketball courts. In addition, they also donated $2 million to Canada Basketball.

The team has decided to change their color scheme once again this year, and they have unveiled images of their new jerseys for 2020-2021. The team wore a purple version in 2014-15. However, the new uniform is more retro. The team will have two options for the home and road version. It is expected to cause a lot of controversy with fans. Some people find the new look more polarizing than others.

The Toronto Raptors’ new jerseys marked a major change in their style. Although the OVO city theme was dominant in the team’s jerseys they also had a chevron pattern at their backs and side panels. These jerseys were worn until Demar Durant’s departure. Once Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green joined the team, the jerseys were released in black. The new color scheme was a great choice. My only complaint is that the players didn’t wear it enough.

Purple color

The new purple uniform for the Toronto Raptors is a departure from the traditional colors of the franchise. It was only last season that the Raptors’ uniforms were reminiscent of the vintage team with purple-colored dinosaur logos. While the team’s jerseys still look like the classic Raptors uniforms, the addition of purple brings an unexpected pop of color. It elevates the uniforms above the traditional black and gold Raptors jerseys.

The team’s purple jersey was created in collaboration with Drake, who was inspired to do so by Jurassic Park. The purple jersey features an aggressive red Velociraptor, silver basketball, and white sneakers with exposed toe-claws. The Toronto Raptors are close to Drake and have used his 3D Raptors logo at the court. This jersey has a logo that pays tribute to the Raptors’ sponsor, Scotiabank subsidiary Tangerine Bank, which purchased ING Direct Canada.

Toronto Raptors’ alternate jerseys now include purple chevrons as well as upward-facing ones. Their purple alternate jerseys contrast nicely with their standard black and gold jerseys. The Raptors aren’t revealing their new Drake jerseys yet, but they’ve been releasing a few more designs to tease fans. It’s unclear whether they’ll wear them on the court this season or next.

Retro design

In 2021, the Toronto Raptors will debut their third retro-styled uniform. The retro-styled uniforms will feature a gold base with a black trim and the iconic Raptor logo. To showcase their old-school look, the Raptors have also changed the design of their jerseys from Nike NBA Hardwood Classic. To honor the team’s past, the jerseys will feature a claw-scratch logo and a maple leaf on their chest and back.

This retro-styled uniform will be a mix of vintage and modern colors. The color combination is deep royal blue, with orange accents on the neckline and sleeves. The original Orlando Magic logo is featured on the design, as well as a gold stripe that is reminiscent of the ABA’s mid-1980s logo. The uniforms will include the team’s logo, the number set, and pinstripes.

Retro-styled uniforms are a tribute to the city where the team was raised. The city’s famous coach’s name is highlighted by a drop shadow. The retro-styled Raptors jersey will be a crowd pleaser, despite not being inspired by the NBA’s new uniforms. It will be interesting to see the team’s uniforms in 2021.

Replica of the 1979 green jersey

In the 1980s, the Raptors wore green jerseys, which are now a relic of the past. The green jerseys featured an aggressive red Velociraptor with a pair of white sneakers and a silver basketball. The iconic Jurassic Park movie inspired the team’s logo. This new uniform was also inspired by the Canadian inventor of the basketball, James Naismith. This retro look attracted fans and helped the team finish seventh in merchandise sales at the end of 1994.

The team also celebrated its 25th season by reintroducing the green throwback pinstripes that were worn during their first season. The Raptors were part of the rivalry between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Atlantic Division before the 2020-21 season. The green throwback jerseys were a way to honor the team’s history. The team was a member in the 1980s of the National Basketball Association, and that year won the NBA championship.

The team has since been renamed the Toronto Raptors and have worn this retro look since 1981. The new uniforms feature a recoloured version the 1971 championship wordmark as well as a purple/green alternate logo. The brand’s name was an important part of the brand’s identity, and the logo has been reimagined. Michael Jordan designed this retro-inspired jersey for the Toronto Raptors to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the team.


If you’re looking for the best way to get the perfect Raptors jersey, you’ll want to ensure its authenticity. The NBA’s 75th anniversary jerseys feature diamond-inspired Swoosh design, a 2-layer twill construction, and authentic zigzag stitching. To make the jersey even more authentic, you can order the player jerseys with personalized numbers, such as “Isaac Bonga”.

Replica basketball jerseys made from 100% polyester fabric are screen-printed with the logo and team name. Replica jerseys have a standard fit and are cut more like tshirts. There is one major difference between authentic and replica jerseys. Replicas can be made by companies other then Adidas. Replicas that are authentic do not have Adidas logos and are not made in the same colors.


If you are interested in purchasing a Toronto Raptors jersey, you have come to the right place. This article will cover the best places to purchase a Toronto Raptors jersey in 2021. Let’s first talk about how to find the best jerseys. Luckily, there are plenty of places to shop for these items. These sites offer great ideas. You can use the information you find here to purchase your very own team jersey!

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The price of a Toronto Raptors jersey 2021 is dependent on how the team performs that season. The team won its first playoff series for fifteen years, and placed fourth in the Eastern Conference. Pascal Siakam was named All NBA Player, and Nick Nurse was named Coaches of the Year. The playoffs started much later than usual, on August 1st at the “Bubble”, Bay Lake, Florida near Orlando. The team topped the Brooklyn Nets 4-0 in the first round of the playoffs.

The Toronto Raptors Earned Jersey 2021
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