The Weather For Riverhead New York

The weather for Riverhead, New York varies from month to month. The coolest season runs from December 31 to April 18. The average temperature ranges between 38 and 68 degrees. The warmest months are July and August. The coldest months are December and January. The climate in Riverhead is temperate and mild year-round. The best time to visit is between early July and late August. June and September are the rainiest months.

The climate in Riverhead, NY is characterized by moderate elevation changes. The highest elevation is 98ft above sea level. The average elevation is about 23 feet above sea level. In addition to temperatures, the local weather report includes humidity, dew point, and wind chill factors. Whether it’s day or night, your local Riverhead weather forecast will tell you the temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, and any weather alerts.

The length of the growing season in Riverhead is 6.4 months, with an average of 196 days of warm weather. Despite its relatively short growing season, the length of each day is significantly different. The shortest day of the year is December 21, which has nine and a quarter hours of sunlight. June 21 is the hottest, with fifteen hours, seven minute of daylight. While the length of the growing season varies considerably, the average temperatures are still comfortable for most people, even in the colder months.

The Weather For Riverhead New York
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