The Worth of a Man

Whether you’re looking for a relationship, career, or something else, the worth of a man is a key issue for any woman to grapple with. While Western culture places a high value on performance, careers, and success, it often ignores the spiritual nature of man. In “The Worth of a Man”, author Dave Dravecky examines the traditional benchmarks for manhood and explores his faith and Christian teachings.

God chose man to be the model for human worth. Christ’s efforts to reach him proved that he was worthy of saving. No one is worthless, no matter how possessed or degraded he may be. Man still bears the image of God, and the gospel is able to restore that image. The worth of a man is ultimately based on his relationship with God. In other words, God is a man’s Creator.

The objects a man pursues is a measure of his true worth. The ability to rise up in the face of controversy or challenge is a measure of a man’s character. Civil rights leaders like Myles Munroe and Martin Luther King Jr. are examples of great men who were willing to stand up for the weak and oppressed. Another mark of greatness is compassion. The writer of the book Morgan Harper Nichols makes this point eloquently in her introduction to the book.

The worth of a man is a powerful value that makes a world of difference. Human dignity is a virtue that can be found in any society, and the worth of a man makes a huge difference. Secularism is simply atheism disguised in sheep’s clothes. If you value man, then you can tolerate almost anything that is wrong with society. It is important to remember that a woman is worth more than her appearance.

The Worth of a Man
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