The X Games and Street League – How the Judges Pick a Winner

The top Street League pros have become so skilled at dialing in tricks that they routinely land those that would have been video part enders a few years ago. But the judges have their own opinion of how well they judge. Street League judges are not a single group. They are made up of judges, fans, and a mixture of all three. So how do they pick a winner?

The Street League has also partnered with the X Games to produce a world tour, which will include seven stops in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The prize purse for Street League is now over $2 million, which is the largest in the history of the sport. The competition has grown exponentially over the past ten years and has now become the most watched contest series with more than 1.4 billion global impressions.

The contest will be bigger than the one in Kansas City. There will be a Run Section and a course of thirty-and-a half seconds. Those finalists will receive trophies. The overall winners will be recognized at the X-Games. Anyone who fails to win will be disqualified. The judges for the Street League contest are also a part of the X-Games. There will also be an obstacle course built to the exact specifications of the X-Games.

Judges have the most difficult job. They must be able to translate their notes into a score and then use a one-to-one scale. As a result, they have to be in sync with their fellow judges and their own gut feel. They can make mistakes in judging. This is why judges should consider hiring extra judges. You never know who is judging your event.

The X Games and Street League – How the Judges Pick a Winner
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