Thomas Baltimore’s Net Worth As of 10 March 2021

In addition to his current positions in real estate, Mr. Baltimore is an active member of various business boards, including AutoNation, Inc. and the University of Virginia. He has also served as a member of the Urban Land Institute’s Hotel Development Council and the Hilton Hotel Corporation’s Owners Advisory Board. In 1992, he was named chairman, president, and CEO of Park Hotels & Resorts, a prestigious luxury hotel chain.

After selling 61,287 units for $450,899 over the past 15 years, Mr. Baltimore had a net worth $21.7 million. Moreover, he earns $1,706,956 as Chairman of Park Hotels & Resorts Inc., which he helped to establish. During his time at the company, Mr. Baltimore traded 1,910 units of his Park stock every 15 days, accumulating an impressive net worth of $21.7 million.

Baltimore was the President and CEO of the company. He was also a cofounder of RLJ Development. He was responsible for the merger of the company and two private equity funds. The company has disposed of or acquired nearly $7 billion in hotel real estate. Baltimore has held senior positions at Hilton Hotels Corporation, Marriott Corporation, and RLJ Development throughout his career.

Thomas Baltimore’s Net Worth As of 10 March 2021
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