Three Ways That Thick Dental Enamel Helps With Crushing Food

Dental enamel is a special layer that covers the teeth. This layer allows people to chew and swallow food more easily. Without this layer, it is possible to not properly chew food. Thin dental enamel also protects teeth from being damaged. Here are three ways that thick dental enamel helps crush food. Once you understand the importance of dental enamel, you can learn more about it.

The thick enamel found in the molars of chimpanzees and apes is useful for crushing food. This suggests that these teeth were originally made for crushing food. The thick dental enamel of orangutans helps in crushing food. Orangutans’ molars, which are the most commonly consumed food, are extremely hard. Although previous evidence has been anecdotal, the hypothesis became popular when a new study proved the correlation.

Another study found that thickened dental enamel in _______ can help with crushing food. Researchers discovered that ENAM, or enamelysin in the human genome, was responsible for tooth enamel thickness. There are also other genes that could be involved in tooth development. Although the enamelysin gene is a strong candidate for positive selection, it is not clear if these genes are the only ones responsible for tooth thickness in humans.

The teeth are made of four separate layers: enamel, dentin, and cementum. The pulp is soft tissue that lies beneath the enamel. The pulp is home to nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, and other vital organs. The pulp and root canal are protected by the dentin layer below the enamel. Dentin is hard yellow and surrounds the crown of the tooth. It is this layer that gives teeth their yellowish color.

Drink water instead of soda or fruit juice. These drinks are high in sugar and bacteria. They can damage the enamel of your teeth every time you drink them. Soda is ten-times more harmful than fruit juice for teeth. It is 10 times more acidic that fruit juice. This is the most common cause of tooth enamel erosion. Even diet sodas can cause enamel damage. A recent study revealed that diet soda is even worse than drug abuse. Drinking soda is worse than smoking, and is worse than fruit juice.

Tooth enamel is a mineral covering the crown of each tooth. This protects the tooth against foreign particles that could cause cavities. If it is damaged, it will not regenerate. A dull tooth will result permanently from this damage. Even if a person has a permanent tooth-whitening procedure, the enamel loss cannot be reversed. There are however other dental treatments that can be used to restore the enamel layer.

Three Ways That Thick Dental Enamel Helps With Crushing Food
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