Tips For Buying a 1983-P Quarter

Buying a 1983-P quarter is a smart investment, as the coin’s rarity has a long-term effect on its value. Although the year of its mintage isn’t particularly low, it is still a popular coin that has the potential to rise in value. It has a low MS65 grade which means it is in high demand and could fetch a high price. Here are some tips to help you maximize your investment.

First, it is important to remember that this was the last year of the Washington Quarter and that only two mint sets were produced. The MS-67 Washington quarter was the first of these coin issues. In 1983, PCGS graded nine of them. In 1984, they added two more to their population report. You can expect to pay about $100 for an MS-67 coin. You should also consider the value of an original 1983-P coin.

A pristine condition coin is another tip to maximize your investment. Whether it’s a rare coin or a rare relic, you should consider the grade and condition of your 1983 quarter before you purchase. The better the grade, generally speaking, is the better. You should choose MS66 or higher if you are looking for a coin with a high grade. Then, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can expect to earn from a 1983 quarter.

Rare is a 1983-D Washington quarter of high quality. Rarer than its Philadelphia-mint siblings, it can be found in lightly circulated or uncirculated condition, and is worth up to $4. It’s also common to find surviving mint rolls or souvenir sets with 1982 quarters. These coins are worth $2 to $3 in lightly circulated condition. If you are lucky enough to find a 1983-D Washington quarter in perfect condition, you can expect to pay $7 or more.

The 1984-P Wisconsin state quarter also has a rare relic on the reverse. Although the extra leaf on the coin’s reverse is due to an error in die production, it’s not an error from a numismatic perspective. Despite its rarity, this quarter is valued higher than the regular 50 States Quarters. If you happen to find a double 1983-D Wisconsin quarter, it’s worth paying the extra money to acquire one!

Collectors should be careful with their pocket change, as rare coins can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The coin’s condition also matters. It’s worth more if it’s worn than its face value. It might be worth more if it’s in mint condition. This makes it an excellent investment for someone with a knack for coins. Its value is the question. How do I find out? There are many ways to determine the 1983 quarter’s value. If you are a fan of old coins, then you must invest in them.

Tips For Buying a 1983-P Quarter
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