Tips for Choosing a Chocolate Merle Bully

A chocolate merle Bully may have unique characteristics. In some cases, it can be hard to find merle puppies, so their price can be higher than other Bullies. Female merle Bullies can be more expensive because of their breeding potential and sex. If you’re interested in getting one of these unique dogs, here are some tips for choosing a chocolate merle dog.

Merle dogs have a mottled coat with patches of lighter colors. The merle gene causes these patches. This genetic trait gives the dog a blue eye. There is no evidence that this trait is linked to visual or hearing problems. The chocolate merle bully also lacks the typical chocolate color in its eyes. If you’re interested in owning a merle bully, check with a reputable breeder for a healthy puppy.

A chocolate merle bully is distinguished by its ability to shed its hair in different colors. Merle dogs typically have dark brown or black hairs. However, some breeds may have a mix of merles with lighter colors. It can be hard to distinguish between two merles, but they are both beautiful and distinct. It’s important to understand that a chocolate merle Bully is not an uncommon color. The chocolate merle color can range from black to blue or lilac.

There are two types of chocolate Merle Bullies. The Chocolate Tri Bully is the recessive version of the Black Tri Bully. The second type is the Blue Tri Bully, which is a result of a dilution gene of the Chocolate merle. It’s not an AKC recognized color but is rarer than the Blue merle Bully.

Chocolate merle Bullies are a rare breed, but they are still very popular amongst dog lovers. They can range from seven hundred dollars to three thousand dollars, but it depends on where you buy one. Don’t be surprised if they cost you a few hundred more than you thought. Depending on where you buy them, you can get a merle bully for $700 or more. You might even be willing to pay more depending on the breeder and how adorable it is.

The chocolate sable Merle is another color variation of a merle Bully. These Bullies may have unusual colored patches or blue eyes. They are not a distinct breed but still belong to the American Bully family. A Red Merle might be a good choice. The Red Merle is not red, but rather tan and black. It may have dark spots on its coat. Although red merle Bullies may be rarer than blue Merlesles, they are still American Bullies.

Tips for Choosing a Chocolate Merle Bully
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