8 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping Online: How to Find the Perfect Ring

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Many couples prefer to do it online when it comes to engagement ring shopping. After all, who wants to go from store to store looking at rings? It can be more fun (and convenient) to shop for rings online. However, if you’ve never shopped for an engagement ring online before, it can be a bit tricky.

How do you know which site is reputable? How do you know which ring is the perfect one for your fiance? Don’t worry – we’re here to help. This blog post will give you eight tips for shopping for engagement rings online.

Let’s take a look at these tips.

1. Narrow Down What Shape You Want

Marquise-shaped sapphire engagement rings are perfect for those who want a vintage-inspired ring. However, you should know that sapphire gemstones that fit into this shape most often aren’t the best quality sapphires out there, and they will most likely turn out to be fake sapphires (lab sapphires).

Marquise sapphire engagement ring design is suited for an oblong face (wider at top and narrow at the chin) type of face shape. Oval-shaped sapphire engagement rings work well, but mainly with straight shaped faces. Princess sapphire engagement rings are sapphires with four rectangular sides and perfectly fit oval and heart-shaped faces.

2. Choose a Metal for the Band

It doesn’t matter if sapphire engagement rings and raw diamond are your styles; you can go with either yellow gold or white gold for the band. It’s an excellent little detail to bring in some of your unique personal styles — maybe sapphire engagement rings and raw diamond work better for one person while sapphire engagement rings and white gold work better for another. The overall color should coordinate well with sapphire engagement rings and raw diamond, even though they’re two different colors themselves.

If you want sapphire engagement rings and a moonstone ring that matches, then it’s up to whatever looks best with sapphire engagement rings and moonstone ring.

3. Choose the right measurement

When shopping for sapphire engagement rings or any ring, it is important to know your ring size. The proper fit of a raw diamond ring may be the reason why your loved one wears it with pride and love! When sizing for diamond rings, if done at home, follow these simple steps to ensure accuracy:

  • Cut a thin strip of paper (1/8-inch wide)
  • Push the narrow end of the paper down onto the mandrel (the plastic cylindrical device used to assist in measuring)
  • Slip this paper strip over the knot of your finger; make sure not to twist it around your finger. Make sure the paper strip is resting halfway up the bottom of the knot on your finger.

4. Know Your Stone

Research sapphire engagement rings online before going into a shop to view raw diamond or sapphire engagement rings. You will be more knowledgeable about sapphires, diamonds, and what makes a sapphire engagement ring great if you do this research first hand. In addition, sapphire engagement rings vary from designer to designer, so research sapphire engagement rings online before visiting a store.

If you are not familiar with sapphires or diamonds, ask your jeweler to educate you about sapphire engagement rings and why sapphire is a perfect choice.

5. Consider How Your Engagement Ring Will Look with Your Wedding Band

Choosing sapphire engagement rings should take into consideration your other sapphire jewelry. If you already own sapphire jewelry, make sure the sapphire engagement ring style you choose coordinates with other sapphires you wear.

6. Make Sure You Understand What You Are Buying

Before buying sapphires or diamonds online, read through the site’s return and exchange policy and warranty information. Ensure that if you purchase sapphire engagement rings online and need to send them back for any reason, there will be no problem getting your money back or exchanging the ring for another one.

7. Make Sure You Trust the Company Selling sapphire engagement rings

Before purchasing sapphires or diamonds online, make sure that you are familiar with the site. If you run across a site that is new to you, do research on sapphire engagement rings and the company selling sapphire engagement ring before making your purchase. Use Google search to learn more about sapphire engagement rings and even sapphire jewelers in general.

8. Be Smart About the Quality of the Cut and Clarity

A sophisticated sapphire or diamond engagement ring with the highest quality cut and clarity is key to getting the optimal look. Pay attention to these details, as they tend to make a significant difference in appearance. Before deciding on a sapphire or diamond ring, research sapphires, and diamonds that best match your budget and size desires.

Some sapphires and diamonds are considered rarer than others due to color, clarity, and cut, which means they carry more value —and cost more.

The Bottom Line

Many women buy sapphire engagement rings because sapphires are often more durable and less likely to chip or scratch. As a result, sapphire engagement rings tend to be pricier than other engagement rings. But sapphires also come in a wide variety of colors, including pink sapphire engagement rings, so there’s something for everyone.

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8 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping Online: How to Find the Perfect Ring

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