Tips For Finding Student Employment at Butler University

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You may be wondering how to find student employment as a Butler University student. There are many opportunities at the University, including internships and jobs in student groups, front-office positions, and many other types of employment. These opportunities are beneficial for both students as well as employers. The following are some tips for finding student employment at Butler. They are not all the same, though. The University may offer many employment opportunities, but that doesn’t make them all the same.

On-campus jobs might be something you’d like to consider. Butler University offers many on-campus jobs. Many of the benefits include flexible class schedules. You can also get assistance from the Financial Aid office to find open positions on campus. But, department supervisors make hiring decisions and they may not be open to all students. To be sure, you can ask current students or professors for referrals. They may be able to help find you a job that suits your interests and skills.

The University’s sustainability efforts have earned Butler a spot in the Princeton Review’s 2021 Guide to Green Colleges, a guide to green schools. Since 1992, the Princeton Review’s Best Colleges publication has included Butler as one the most distinguished institutions in the Midwest. The Princeton Review collects data from hundreds of colleges and surveys students, as well as alumni and students, to determine which colleges are best for student employment.

To be eligible for student employment benefits, international students must enroll at least half-time in the fall and spring semesters. After meeting all requirements, international students must be offered a job within their department. The Student Employment Office will send a letter requesting a social security card upon receipt of the Student Employment Request Form. The student can begin employment once the Social Security card is issued. But before applying for student employment at Butler University, be sure to get your Social Security number first.

Before you start working on your new assignment, you should check that you are eligible for the position. Once you have received approval, Student Employment will add your name to the payroll and Web Time Entry. Student Employment should be contacted if you are returning for a second year to verify your eligibility for rehire. There are many job opportunities on campus. It’s important to remember that working on campus can be a good way to get experience while you’re attending Butler University.

Tips For Finding Student Employment at Butler University
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