Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Stats

Eagles and Patriots fans can look forward to the Super Bowl, but it is not just a show for the fans. Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback, is one of the most prominent players in the NFL. He was a rookie in the Super Bowl, and he is a household name. Here’s a look at some of his Super Bowl stats. Although he didn’t throw a touchdown in the big game his other stats are quite impressive.

The Patriots’ quarterback was able to throw in 2.55 seconds. This was a slight difference from his lightning-fast release of 2016. Nevertheless, despite the slower release time, Brady threw for a Super Bowl record 505 yards and three touchdowns. Brady was also hurt by the Eagles defense. He was sacked three times, including once by Chris Gocong. Juqua Parker and Darren Howard also sacked Brady three times. Brady’s performance at the Super Bowl ended his streak with three touchdown passes in 10 games.

The Patriots won Super Bowl for the third consecutive year in four seasons. Brady was able to improve his record against the Eagles during his final two seasons with the Patriots. Brady’s record against the Eagles in his career was 7-2. He’s the only quarterback in NFL history to win and lose against the same team. Brady has lost to the Eagles in three Super Bowls.

The Eagles were an eight-point underdog in Foxboro. However, their comeback proved to be enough to win. After a disappointing start to the 2021 season, the Eagles’ defense recovered and has improved dramatically. They have increased their blitz rate and reduced their reliance on soft zone coverage, but a blitz rate against the Patriots will determine if they’ve made any progress.

Brady led a 75-yard drive that included a touchdown from Gronkowski. The Patriots’ next drive was stopped by the Eagles defense. Philadelphia faced third and six after two plays. They remained in the game after Ted Bruschi intercepted their pass. Ertz’s 7-yard pass to the Eagles was enough for them to score. You can see that Tom Brady is the Super Bowl MVP by looking at his Super Bowl stats.

The Eagles’ defense was their best defense in the game. But despite the tough defense, the Eagles’ offensive line was a thorn in the Patriots’ side. The Patriots’ defense, on the other hand, had to rely on three interceptions by Brady to win the game. In the end, Brady finished with 312 yards of passing and three touchdowns, with one interception.

You should consider that Tom Brady’s Super Bowl performance was based on the fact that the Eagles won seven of his nine Super Bowl appearances. Brady is 7-0 in the Super Bowl with three Lombardi Trophies. It is difficult to choose a better NFL quarterback. He has won 34 playoff games and seven Super Bowls.

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Stats
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