Tom Holland and Zendaya Stay Home on New Years Eve

Tom Holland and Zendaya have decided to stay home on New Years Eve instead of going out to celebrate. After a week-long press tour, the couple are now planning a quiet evening at their home. The couple’s plans have also been revealed, including Tom’s attempt to stay dry for the month of January, which lasted about 12 hours. We wish Zendaya and Tom a safe and happy new year, regardless of what they do on New Years Eve.


Rumours have circulated that actor Tom Holland and Zendaya will be spending New Years Eve together. They had planned to spend the holiday with Tom’s family earlier this year, but the COVID pandemic put an end to their plans. The couple will be spending quality time together this year, and they are staying at home with their dogs. However, they did not share any details about their New Years plans.

The two recently sat together for a hockey game at Madison Square Garden. During the game, Tom and Zendaya wore matching hockey jerseys. Afterward, they were seen having dinner together in Los Angeles. The two are clearly in love. But despite their publicized love life, they’re keeping the romance private. Tom Holland was even offended by paparazzi photos showing the couple cosying up in the stands.

The couple have not spoken out about their relationship, but they still plan to celebrate New Years Eve together. Despite their hectic schedules, the couple will likely spend the night at their home with their dogs. Zendaya’s Schnauzer Noon and Tom’s Pitbull Tessa are her companions. Whether the two lovebirds spend the holiday alone or in a big group of friends, their plans will surely be festive.

In addition to dinner at Mamo in Lower Manhattan, the couple attended a film screening together on Wednesday. Zendaya wore a strapless blazer and a belted shirt. Tom Cruise was in a gray suit. The two stars also appeared on Graham Norton’s talk show together. They’re both in New York City for promotional reasons. They’ve also been busy promoting their latest movie Uncharted.

In 2017, Tom called Zendaya his celebrity crush in an interview. A fan shared the story with Tom, and he laughed. Apparently, it was a full circle moment for both of them. Tom Holland has since responded with a heart-eyes emoji to his post about Zendaya, indicating that the duo are still dating. It will be a huge celebration if they get married.

Tom Holland

Zendaya and Tom Holland are spending New Year’s Eve at the actress’s house. The couple originally planned to spend the holiday together, but the COVID Pandemic disrupted their plans. Instead, the couple opted to spend the night with each other and their dogs. The couple spent time cooking and playing together, in addition to their date night. Read on to see what their plans entail!

The couple has recently been seen putting on serious PDA. Five years ago, the two met for the first time on the Spiderman: Homecoming set. Although their relationship isn’t confirmed, their recent kiss in a car is proof that they are still together. In September, Tom Holland even sent Zendaya a special birthday message. He also shared a heartfelt message on Instagram for the actress. As for the rest of their plans for the New Year, the two plan to stay home with their dogs and spend the holiday together.

Zendaya and Tom also attended the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York, where the actor received the Fashion Icon award. The couple were wearing matching Rangers jerseys, which made fans laugh. Tom’s Instagram post was followed by 140k likes in just a day! They’re not just making movies together, the love-making couple also attended the New York Rangers games together.

The couple is still together. Despite the rumours about their relationship, Tom Holland’s New Years resolution may be a good idea! He’s busy filming the third “Spider-Man” movie and Holland has been busy with it. He accidentally gave away the movie’s spoilers back in October. However, he has managed to turn himself into a cult icon in the process.

It’s not surprising that Zendaya and Tom Holland are so in love with each other. Zendaya’s adorable response was hilarious, and Tom’s reply was exactly what we were hoping. The actress’ co-stars even posted a photo of themselves and the actors at the premiere, which made fans go wild. The actors took pictures on the red carpet. This photo is adorable! If you’re feeling jealous, check out her Instagram.

They have plans for New Year’s Eve

The COVID Pandemic has interrupted Tom Holland and Zendaya’s plans to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with their families. They are currently staying at Zendaya’s parents’ home, but they have other plans. They have also decided to spend quality time with their families. It’s not clear where they’ll spend the evening, but it’s not likely to involve parties.

Zendaya Holland and Tom Holland are said to have planned a low-key New Years Eve so they can spend time with their dogs. The two have Schnauzer Noon, while Tom’s Pitbull Tessa is a Pitbull. Tom Holland has sweet plans: spend quality time with his dogs and relax with wine and cheese.

Despite their hectic schedules, actors’ private lives are kept secret. This is why their New Year’s Eve plans are less public. Tom Holland isn’t planning on going to a party, and his co-star, Zendaya, has said she’d rather be spending the holiday with her family at home. The actors will also be bringing their Pitbull and Cocker Spaniel dogs along.

Tom’s attempt to stay dry in January only lasted 12 hours

Tom Holland, actor, recently revealed that his January attempt to stay dry only lasted just over a day. The actor, best known for his role as Spider-Man, had every intention of staying booze-free during the month, but he failed miserably. He admitted in a tweet that his resolve had waned quickly. Probably because he was too busy working on his next ‘Spider-Man’ movie and spending quality time with his family.

Despite his best efforts, Tom Holland has failed to stick to his ‘dry January’ resolution. After only twelve hours, Holland gave up and is back to his old ways. Fortunately for him, he has a third Spider-Man movie in the works, so he has plenty to keep him busy. The British public, meanwhile, seems to have turned their backs on the ‘dry January’ plan after the announcement of a national lockdown to fight infections and keep the NHS from collapsing.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Stay Home on New Years Eve
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