Top 5 1993 TV Shows

This 1993 TV series was a huge success. It featured David Simon as the lead and was the first comedy series to feature a gay actor. The show’s success was short-lived as it became soapy and aimed at a younger audience. Also, Doug Savant was in his first season, playing TV’s token gay man, Matt Fielding.

Another comedy series that was a hit was Rhythm & Blues. It aired five episodes in 1992, with one episode being carried over to 1993. It followed a white man with a black-sounding name who was mistakenly hired at a soul music radio station. Anna Maria Horsford played the station manager while Roger Kabler played the white guy. Kabler would go on to become a spokesperson of Zima, a pharmaceutical company, after the show.

Seven Strangers is another great TV show from 1993. It is a comedy thriller that was based on a Philip K. Dick novel. Set in the 1960s, this show follows seven rule-breakers and their relationships as they plot to escape the government. When one of the group stumbles on some cash, the plot thickens. The show was co-created by Stephen Merchant, the man behind the UK version of The Office. This is yet another example of a comedy-drama combination that has been a huge success.

Another gem is Almost Home. Almost Home is a remake of The Torkelsons (an NBC sitcom about a dysfunctional family with a single dad), and stars the same cast. The Torkelsons weren’t nearly as charming as Roseanne, and the lead teen delivered long monologues in the theme song of The Man in the Moon. The mother became a nanny for Perry King and his precocious kids, and two of the children from the main family were wiped out. Brittany Murphy made a cameo in one episode.

Voodoo Man was a tribal witch-doctor. Little Thelma was a redheaded redhead with a pet parrot named Jules. The 1993 TV series featured a variety of colorful characters. It was also a well-received comedy about racism. With an amazing cast, Thelma was a hit. If you loved the show, be sure to watch it! It won’t be hard to love it!

The Boys starred Titus Welliver, who played the title role. The story revolved around the lives and crimes of antihero vigilantes. The antihero vigilantes wanted revenge on their corporate overlords and hid their own sinister pasts. There were also pops of gore and black comedy. The show was a huge success and spawned many spinoffs. The actor who played the titular character will return in the upcoming spinoff.

Top 5 1993 TV Shows
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