Top Apps and Integrations for Slack for Remote Teams

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Slack is a powerful platform that allows teams to connect and work efficiently. This communication platform features hundreds of integrations for different business needs. Many of these apps streamline communications and eliminate the need to switch between multiple programs. Some apps are specifically designed for team bonding and recognition of coworkers. Managers can also use these apps to schedule regular team bonding activities.


TimeBot for Slack for Remote Teams is a simple yet powerful time management application that integrates with Slack. Unlike other tools, it does not require users to install extra software or manually track time. This makes it ideal for supervisors, team managers and HR teams. It also allows employees to submit time off requests and track their leave balance.

TimeBot for Slack also allows you to schedule meetings and send notifications. It can also send messages out to team members for special occasions such as office birthdays and anniversaries. This feature will streamline your team meetings and foster a better culture.

Remote working is becoming more popular as more companies choose to hire remote workers. It improves employee productivity and lowers costs both for employers and employees. And Slack makes it easier for remote workers to organize meetings and collaborate with their team members. It has integrations for one-on-one meetings, virtual conferences, and team huddles. This time-saving tool makes it easier to organize meetings and manage remote team members’ workloads.

In addition to scheduling meetings and timesheets, TimeBot also provides team members with an automated way to track hours and create shared project task lists. They can also attach attachments and assign tasks to their team. All of this information is visible in the entire channel. TimeBot for Slack for Remote Team also allows you to schedule meetings using the /meet command. The software can also keep track of replies to invitations to meetings and sync appointments with the calendar.


Managers can monitor absences and request leave with Hrvey for Slack remote teams. The bot will remind employees and coordinate with the appropriate people. You can even set up different channels and scopes of the integration, so everyone will be notified of any absences.

Slack is a popular collaboration tool used by millions of people. The software boasts a wide range of features and has between ten and twelve million users. It is free for personal users, but businesses can opt for paid subscriptions to get the full benefits. The software can also integrate bots and apps to boost productivity and stay connected across time zones. This can save companies money and improve work efficiency.

Hrvey is an excellent tool to improve collaboration and communication. It’s easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. It is also great for file sharing and collaboration. Its features include Channels, which allow users to set up different conversation threads. It integrates with Slack and many other popular apps.

Slack’s ability to foster collaboration among team members is a unique feature. Journalists at IRIN reported that Slack helped them build relationships with their colleagues. These interactions occurred throughout the day, so journalists were able stay connected with their colleagues.


Slack is a great tool for collaboration. It has built-in tools to eliminate pointless email threads, and offers group and private messaging. Asana for Slack allows you to manage all your work from one place. Its fully-featured project management platform keeps you and your team connected.

If you have a team that works remotely, this integration is a must-have. Slack can be distracting, but it is great for communicating and coordination. To ensure everyone receives your thoughts, you might want to separate them into separate channels. You can also move larger issues to a collaborative platform for review.

Asana can be purchased in both free and paid versions. You can also test it before you buy. Although the free version has some limitations, it is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The standard plan includes unlimited integrations, a full message history, secure collaboration, and face-to-face communication.

While Slack has over 1,800 apps available, Asana has not yet reached this milestone. Its development team recommends that developers focus on the problem that Asana users are trying to solve rather than attempting to recreate the entire product. If possible, developers should pay attention to the onboarding process for new users.

Asana is free for personal use, but it’s important to note that the premium version is more expensive. It also offers some additional features, such as unlimited tasks, a powerful timeline, and advanced reporting and dashboards. If your team is larger, you should go for the business plan, which offers additional features and security. You can even opt for priority support, which helps you get the most out of the tool.

Message Scheduler

The Message Scheduler for Slack for remote teams is a powerful tool to manage your messages. This extension allows you to schedule messages for specific dates and times. You can view the messages scheduled in your sidebar or conversation history. You can also edit them before they go out. With the scheduler, you can get more done and spend less time on your messages.

This feature works with both direct and group messages. It can automatically send messages to coworkers who log into Slack early. It is free for all Slack workspaces and offers a six-week trial. The Message Scheduler for Remote Teams for Slack will allow you to breathe if you have a tight schedule.

Slack is a popular synchronous team communication tool. It can also cause a lot more distractions. Research has shown that over 40% of people report receiving multiple notifications during their workday. Slack messages can disrupt their workday and hinder their productivity.

The Message Scheduler for Slack for remote teams can be used to schedule a message to go out at a specific time or date. It is similar to Slack’s desktop client. You can choose from a pre-set list of times or enter a custom time in order to specify a specific date and time.

Status Hero

Status Hero for Slack Remote Teams is an easy to use tool for collecting status updates from your team members. It gathers brief daily check-ins via SMS and web applications to keep track of team activity. When a member checks in, Status Hero automatically adds the activity from all those tools to a central dashboard. And since Status Hero supports hundreds of tools, you can use it with teams of all sizes.

One of the best features of Status Hero is that it eliminates the need for meetings and interruptions. Instead, you can concentrate on meaningful communication with your team. With just one click, you can share the latest news and milestones with your team. In addition to saving time, Status Hero can also streamline your project management and reporting.

Another important feature is its ability to automate tasks. This tool will eliminate the need for your team to manually answer the same questions or take screenshots of customer data. You can also set up automated support rules that will prevent agents from answering the exact same question again.

Status Hero for Remote Teams’ most important feature is its ability to help your team work more effectively together, regardless of time zones. You can opt-in to receive status updates that update your team members’ time and location. It also helps your team members express themselves without having to constantly message each other.

Zoom for Slack

Zoom for Slack can now be used as an integrated video calling app. You will need a Zoom admin account to install the app. Once you have your Zoom admin account, you can install Zoom for Slack via the Slack Marketplace. After installing the Zoom app, you will need to grant the app access to your workspace.

In Slack, go to the Settings & Permissions section and select the Zoom Calls application. Save your configuration. You’ll then be able to start a Zoom meeting. Slack allows you to connect to other conferencing tools. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Zoom is an online video conference service that allows you to hold meetings and share your ideas with others. Using Slack’s keyboard, you can easily access the Zoom app. To start a Zoom meeting, simply type /zoom on your Slack browser. Once you log in, you can join, mute, or disconnect from a Zoom meeting.

Zoom for Slack can be set up to be the default video conferencing app for your Slack workspace. It replaces Slack’s built-in calling function. You can host up 40 people in a video chat, and as many as 300 in a group call depending on how many users you have.

Zoom for Slack allows you to make outbound calls from Slack. You must have an active Zoom Phone Plan to use this feature. Once you have this, open the workspace where Zoom has been installed. Type the /zoom command into the Slack chat window. To clarify the topic, you can use standard Zoom features or Slack commands.

Top Apps and Integrations for Slack for Remote Teams
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