Torremar Olives

Torremar Olives

When combined, manzanilla olives and cloves of garlic create the ideal combination. Handmade and low in sodium content make these olives delicious!

Torremar Olives enjoy an established presence on the European market thanks to their Triana olives, and are widely enjoyed among gourmets from Canada, the US and China.

Early Life and Education

Torremar Olive Farm demands great care in cultivating olives. Only those which have attained their ideal ripeness level are harvested, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience and leading to an exclusive selection of olives that are not only renowned in Spain, but are highly prized by gourmets throughout Spain, USA, Canada and China alike. Gordal olives in particular stand out with their incomparable aroma and innovative fillings created from grandmother’s secret recipe – they make for truly unforgettable olive experiences!

Torremar was established over three decades ago. However, its roots can be traced all the way back to 1896 when its founder, Jeronimo de San Nicolas first explored olive cultivation across Spain’s provinces and studied their variety.

Professional Career

Jeronimo Nicolas founded Torremar as a trademark, specialising in olives and pickles production, commercialisation, innovation, and innovation services. His company quickly became well-recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality products and services.

For optimal product quality, only undamaged olives are used by this company, along with new seasoning formulas and cutting-edge machines to process them into delicious gourmet treats that delight consumers worldwide.

Torremar olives are famous for their creative fillings and secret marinades passed down through generations, as well as their Gordal olives which are filled by hand with great care and attention to detail – they are staples in many cocktail recipes around the world and favorited among bartenders worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Four generations of Torremar olive producers have passed down their secret formula for producing world-renowned olives. Utilizing traditional techniques as well as innovative seasoning formulas and products that delight consumers, Torremar now offers their olives in various formats such as cocktail sticks and tapenades for maximum consumer pleasure.

Family-run since 1983, this business offers gourmet products that have gained widespread appeal across Europe, Canada, and China.

This company has won multiple international accolades for their extra virgin olive oils and table olives, including winning gold at the Australian International Olive Awards and champion title for Northern Hemisphere Stuffed Olives at another competition.

Personal Life

Torremar olives have gained worldwide acclaim due to the company’s use of traditional techniques and an heirloom marinade recipe passed down from grandmother. Torremar now stands out among gourmet olive producers as an industry leader and producer of Mediterranean products.

Experts with this company carefully inspect olive trees to select only those bearing fruit with fully matured fruit, which ensures superior quality and freshness. In addition, only premium ingredients are used.

This company is a family business where tradition meets innovation. Their team of expert chefs are constantly creating new recipes, using these ideas to refine existing products or develop entirely new ones – this helps maintain customer interest by keeping things fresh for customers to try! Their products can be found all around the globe from restaurants and bars alike.

Net Worth

Torremar Olives have earned themselves an impeccable reputation throughout Spain and internationally renowned gourmets in America, Canada and China also appreciate these table olives. Combining tradition with innovation, their products always include new seasoning formulas.

Olive trees cultivated at Al-Watan Farms are nurtured with great care. Before harvest, each tree is individually examined and only those which have achieved desired maturity are chosen for harvest.

SUMMUN olive oil is one of the company’s flagship products, known for its full-bodied taste and low sodium content. Produced using olives grown on the slopes of Sierra Nevada mountain range, the oil comes in various sizes and packaging types to meet health-conscious consumer preferences.

Torremar Olives
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