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For those who haven’t been following Tower of God on Mangago, you might be wondering where you can find the best guide on how to read this popular Korean manhwa series. This question can be answered by knowing a little bit about the manga. In this article, you’ll learn about its Ignition Weapons, Culture, Language, and Governance systems. We’ll also talk about where to find the most helpful guides in order to complete this series as fast as possible.

Ignition Weapons

The Ignition Weapons in the Tower are weapons that are enhanced and refined with shinsu that bear souls. They release huge amounts of power when activated. They increase damage and speed. The Compression Weapons can be used in two modes, compressed or ignition, just like other weapons. In ignition mode, Green April, for instance, is much more powerful. You’ll need to choose which weapon to use, as it is the only weapon that can give you unlimited power.


The culture of Tower of God is an ongoing South Korean webtoon created by S.I.U. It focuses on a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam (the Korean word for “Bam” is either Night or Chestnut). Twenty-Fifth Bam has spent his entire life incarcerated beneath a mysterious tower, with only one close friend, a girl named Rachel. When Rachel mysteriously enters the Tower, Bam opens the gate and tries to rescue her. Along the way, Bam meets various allies, which are a result of his quest to get Rachel back.


This is a translation guide for Tower of God. The plot revolves around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. In Korean, Bam can be translated as Night or Chestnut. For most of his life, Bam has been trapped underneath a mysterious tower. During that time, he’s only known one close friend, Rachel, who enters the Tower. Bam’s only hope of rescuing Rachel is to open the door and let her in. Along the way, he meets other characters who will help him.

S.I.U. wrote and illustrated the manga. It has been serialized on the webtoon platform Naver since June 2010. Official English translations began to be posted on Line Webtoon in July 2014. Crunchyroll will soon have Tower of God Chapter 528 available. It has been updated with all the most recent information. The translation is still being developed for those who don’t know English. To read the latest chapters, visit the Tower of God Wiki.

SIU stands for Slave In Utero. The author’s real name is Lee Jong Hui. He studied Art Education at college before completing his mandatory military service in South Korea. He met Sun-im (top) while serving in the military. Sun-im was a manhwa fan. After that, he started drawing manhwa characters.

The backstory of Endorsi

You’ve probably read the manga and heard about Endorsi. He is the boy who saved Shibisu from The Bull. But what exactly is Endorsi’s backstory in Tower of God? We’ve got your back. Here’s a quick overview of Endorsi’s backstory.

The main character of this webtoon series is Endorsi, a teen boy who has a mysterious past. He inherited a magical ability to teleport people and objects. In the manga, he’s a powerful wizard who is able to summon the Shield Gods and protect the Earth from evil. During his training, he learns about the supernatural powers of the Shield Gods.

Lero Ro’s test

Lero Ro’s test marks the first time that a Tower of God manga helper has to pass an actual test. Lero-Ro is the Tower’s 2nd-floor Test Administrator. He is responsible for basic training the regulars. He is friendly and chatty. He is willing to answer any basic questions of the regular and is also interested in him. He was a little surprised to see the purple-haired Regular.

This is the fourth test. Lero Ro assigns positions for each team. The Fisherman, Spear Bearer and Lighthouse Bearer are each responsible for a different aspect. Bam, on one hand, is the Scout. His job is to watch the tower’s environment and the enemy. He warns Bam to not get too close to Khun and the victors are taken into another room for a third test. Lero Ro realizes that Khun is testing luck and begins to explain the next test.

A good way to learn more about the Tower of God is to look up the manga chapter about Lero-Ro’s test in the previous episode. In this chapter, Lero-Ro answers a question about whether or not the Tower is made up of irregulars. In previous Tower episodes, Phantaminum and Enryu were considered Irregulars. Although they were not supposed to enter Tower, these individuals survived.

Rachel’s backstory

You’ve probably been curious about Rachel’s background if you’re a fan of the anime Tower of God. The series is set in a fantasy world with amazing animation. One of the questions that fans often have is whether Rachel really betrayed her friend Baam. Thankfully, fans have come up with a way to figure it out. Using a Tower of God manga helper, you can discover the answer to this question.

The series is set in a mysterious tower where the titular character lives. Rachel is a young girl who will one day be the next ruler of the planet. Rachel has spent most of her life trapped in the Tower. Her arrival has made everything different. As she tries to make her way out, Bam and his friends must find a way to save her. After he meets Rachel, he must face many challenges, make new friends, and fight unknown enemies.

Rachel and her friends manage to save the world in the end. Rachel and her friends stop the goblins destroying the world. However, the evil Endorsi still wants to kill Team B members. Luckily, a little boy named Bam saves them both. But a boy named Hoh isn’t nearly as lucky. When the boy and girl meet in a magical place, a miracle occurs.

Tower of God Manga Helper
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