Transfermarkt Pumas Values

The Mexican national team, Pumas, are one of the hottest commodities in the transfer market. The Mexican club has a value of nearly thirty million dollars, and their transfer market value is as high as twenty-nine million dollars. This value is only slightly higher than that of Independiente del Valle, the national team of Ecuador. Here are some key facts that you should know about the Pumas. Let’s break down the transfer market Pumas values based on the players’ current performance and their potential to improve the team.

The club is currently ranked in the top 100 on Transfermarkt and their players are highly sought after. They have a long list of stars, including Juan Ignacio Dinen, who is the highest-paid player in the world. They may not be able to replace Leonel Lopez and Juan Ignacio Dinen, however. Before signing a player, be sure to review the stats if you are a fan.

The Pumas are ranked 10th in the Economic League, and Tigres are second. Both teams have a history of successful managers and teams. Despite this, Pumas are yet to win a Liga in the past decade. This makes them an attractive option for potential players. However, the club’s success history does not justify such a high valuation. To acquire a player of repute, a high transfer price is required. The club is in need of a goalkeeper in the form of a striker.

The Pumas are currently in the middle of the salary inversion. Their margin of gasto is less than that of their MLS competitors America and Tigres, Cruz Azul and Chivas. However, they did qualify for the Concacaf Champions League final and will be looking to capitalize on the home advantage. The Seattle Sounders have a stronger roster than the Pumas and are slightly preferred. They are therefore a better option than the Pumas.

When the new president was appointed in April 2018, the team’s transfer market valuation was 41.9 million dollars. This was enough to rank the team fourteenth among the most valuable. The team’s performance in recent years was poor and they lost to Macedonia del Norte at the Eliminatorias. Despite their recent record, the pumas are a team made up of cantera prometedoras, university players and renegade epicas.

The club’s recent sale of Carlos Gonzalez has boosted their transfer market value. The Colombian midfielder was purchased by the Argentine international for 5.4 million dollars. The asking price is approximately half of the price. This is an excellent transfer market valuation. So far, the Pumas’ transfer market prices are higher than their market value. In other words, they have sold out their best players to make room for foreigners. How do they make up the difference?

In the NCAA tournament, the Pumas are facing Independiente del Valle, a UAFC team. Palacios’ contribution helped the Pumas win this matchup. Meanwhile, Ismael Sosa and Fidel Martinez are the second and third-highest players in Pumas’ transfermarkt. But the Pumas have some tough competition ahead of them. So, let’s take a closer look at these players and their Transfermarkt values.

Transfermarkt Pumas Values
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