Trep’s New Orleans

treps new orleans 49115

Trep’s New Orleans is known for its casual outdoor setting and creative food. This upscale seafood restaurant serves sandwiches, small plates, salads, oysters, and more. The decor is fun and eclectic, and there are TVs everywhere. There are many options on the menu, including traditional dishes and more exotic options. Trep’s has a casual, fun atmosphere. Families will love the variety of plates and specialty cocktails.

Trep’s is a Mid-City neighborhood bar that serves both beer as well as cocktails. The brewpub is a great spot to have a family lunch. It also has a casual atmosphere that makes it a great place for your children. The food was nice, but not exceptional. The fries were bland, and the sandwiches were okay. Overall, we did not feel that Trep’s was anything special, but the service was above average and the ambiance was homey and comfortable.

Trep’s New Orleans
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