Trevor Siemian Salary and Cap Hit Information

If you’re wondering about Trevor Siemian salary, you’ve come to the right place. The quarterback has a cap hit of $2.5 million and a guaranteed salary of $1 million in 2021. He is also very short and has a low net worth. However, his playing ability more than makes up for this. This article contains the most recent Trevor Siemian salary information and cap hit information.

Trevor Siemian’s salary is $500,000

You probably cringe when you hear about Trevor Siemian’s contract. After all, he makes less than $10 million a year. Then again, how many quarterbacks are making more than that? Siemian’s fifth season salary is a good investment, even though there are some downsides. It is worth looking at his supporting cast, which includes the receivers and the offensive linemen.

While Siemian’s salary is still relatively low compared to other running backs, it is not unheard of for a player with his skill set to earn more than that. Siemian is expected to sign a two year deal with the Chicago Bears worth $4 million, with a chance to make $5 million. Siemian was limited to playing in four games last season with the Saints. He’s now expected to be back in Chicago for the 2019 season, but he’s unlikely to see any action this year.

Siemian could be a backup quarterback for either the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints with that amount of money. His salary is comparable to that of veteran backups in this league. Siemian was able to step in for Ryan and Brady last season, but he lost four games. He is expected to stay in Chicago after 2023. If he can stay healthy, he should make a nice income.

He has a cap hit limit of $2.5 Million

The Bears have reached an agreement with Trevor Siemian, quarterback, to pay him a four-year contract worth $4 million. That number is subject to escalation, but the deal will give the Bears about $63.5 million in cap space for 2019. Meanwhile, the Broncos are bringing in Billy Turner to fill the right tackle spot on the roster. Turner’s contract will be worth $5 Million over one year.

This is a great option in the QB market because it allows them to have a veteran quarterback. Siemian is underrated by some, but his salary and cap hit are still reasonable. Siemian can be signed by the team in the offseason, if the quarterback is available. If the Falcons sign Siemian, they’ll have guaranteed that they’ll get their guy.

Siemian could sign a deal with Denver that will give the team over $150 million in cap space. Siemian could be offered a three-year deal with the Vikings for $91 million, but they should offer Siemian a four-year deal worth $117 million. That amount would include $95 million guaranteed and $60 million in signing bonus. The Broncos would have ample cap space and could structure their contract to benefit both sides.

With Trevor Siemian’s $2.5 million cap hit, the Bears should be able to make a trade for a better quarterback. But finding that trade partner is going to be difficult. It would also cost the Broncos $3 million in cap space and leave Chicago with $7.67 million in dead money. And the team would have to release a quarterback if they want to cut Siemian.

The Vikings have $11 million in cap space, but that doesn’t mean they can sign both Trevor Siemian and Barr/Richardson/Harris. Those three players would require restructures to sign Siemian. Conversion is the most common type of restructure. The remaining guaranteed money is then converted into a signing bonus. This spreads the cap over the duration of the deal. The restructure targets a quarterback without guaranteed money.

He has a guaranteed salary of $1 million for 2021

The Chicago Bears offered Trevor Siemian a two-year contract worth $4 million. If he meets his performance targets, he could earn a $5 million bonus. He signed the contract and will receive that amount plus incentives. Siemian, 25, was a New Orleans Saints player in 2017, 2016, and 2017. The deal is for two seasons with a guaranteed salary of $1 million for 2021.

Siemian was drafted by the Broncos in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He spent his rookie season on the practice squads of the Titans and Jets. He played in six games for the Saints in 2016 and started four. He threw for 1,154 yards with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions in that season. He was then benched following a 5-5 season.

Once the season begins, the Bears will have $4million in cap space. This would allow them to sign a second QB without having to compromise the cap space. If the Bears don’t get rid of Siemian by June 1, they can release him before the deadline to clear the cap. They also get a conditional Day 3 selection, which frees up cap space.

The Saints hoped Siemian’s veteran status would help guide them to success this season. However, Siemian went 0-4 and was demoted to backup status and Taysom Hill earned starts. The Saints may keep Jameis Hill or Winston as backups in 2022, but the quarterback room is still chaotic. Alternatively, they could opt to draft a promising rookie in the draft.

The Rams signed center Brian Allen and left tackle Joe Noteboom. Together, the two sides agreed to a three-year deal worth $24 million. The Vikings have agreed not to let Greg Joseph, their kicker, go. He will be guaranteed a $1 million salary in 2021. As for the other players, the Saints have also cut Daryl Williams but are keeping Mitch Morse and Trevor Siemian, who is 37 years old and will make $2 million in 2021.

He has thrown for 6,843 yards with 41 touchdowns and 27 interceptions

In three seasons, Trevor Siemian has played for three NFL teams: the New Orleans Saints, the Denver Broncos, and the New York Jets. He has completed 606 passes, 6,843 yards, and thrown 41 touchdowns to go along with 27 interceptions. Siemian’s impressive stats as a passer go beyond his staggering numbers. He has also run for 203 yards in 69 attempts.

The 6-3, 220-pound Siemian has good size and above-average athleticism, but he struggles with tight window throws. Despite these limitations, he has an excellent arm strength and has a 40-yard dash time of 4.94 during his pro day at Northwestern in 2015. While this is not ideal, it does highlight the fact that Siemian has good arm strength and is capable of throwing deep passes. However, his faulty arm strength results in the defensive backs jumping route in response to his underthrow.

The Chicago Bears and Siemian have agreed to terms on a two-year contract worth $4 million, potentially $5 million. The Bears have also discussed the possibility of trading for Nick Foles. Siemian spent his first three seasons with the Broncos and started four games in 2018. He was 0-4 as a starter in Denver in 2021 but signed with the Chicago Bears off their practice squad in November 2020.

As a seventh-round draft selection in 2015, he played for the Broncos. He started four games with the Saints and won three of them. Siemian completed 58.9% of his passes for 1,154 yards and 11 touchdowns, while throwing three interceptions. Siemian has a career passer rating of 81.2 and has started 29 games.

Trevor Siemian Salary and Cap Hit Information
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