TXT’s English Album Cover Revealed

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TXT’s debut English single, “Cat & Dog,” is expected to be released on May 3. It’s a b side from their mini album Dream Chapter: Star and is already receiving a lot of attention. TXT shared a music video recently for the song. It has both a Korean and English version. The song was originally released in Korean but the English version has a few changes.

The song “Cat & Dog” was originally set to feature a bust woman with 34-DD breasts seated with a hand up her dress. The album cover was originally rejected by record executives, but the band responded by creating a new version with less obscene artwork. A version with a pink border was released in the Middle East, which was much less offensive than the original. The album cover was later changed to feature a photo of a wet garbage bag with the words “Slippery When Wet” written in it.

The original album cover had an image of a pregnant woman emerging from her vagina, which sparked outrage in the United Kingdom. The situation was investigated by the Scotland Yard and some stores refused to sell it. The cover was redesigned by the band, which replaced the image of a baby’s face with a picture of flowers. It’s still controversial, and has received a mixed reception. It is not clear what happened to the original photo of the girl.

TXT’s English Album Cover Revealed
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