Tyler Benjamin

Tyler Benjamin

Tyler Benjamin excels at initiating projects. As President of NYU Gallatin Student Council, he sleeps only five hours each night while striving tirelessly to improve university experiences for black students like himself.

His closest friends remember him as being warm-hearted and energetic; they will miss his smile, laughter and strength.

Early Life and Education

Tyler was born in Ellettsville, Virginia and attended William and Mary. Upon graduation he studied law before being admitted to the bar and practicing. Additionally he served in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

He was an anti-federalist who opposed the Missouri Compromise and opposed efforts to allow popular voting to determine presidential electors. Additionally, he belonged to the Whig Party.

Skiing and snowboarding are his two passions in his free time, spending many hours at Summit County’s skate parks and mountain terrain parks with his friends.

Tyler is also an incredible father and husband; with two daughters and four grandchildren to care for. Tyler’s multifaceted skillset makes him an asset in accomplishing any task at hand; he is an enthusiastic supporter of local businesses.

Professional Career

Tyler Benjamin is an attorney with Holland & Knight’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice, where he represents clients in various matters such as business litigation, securities arbitration proceedings, white collar crime investigations and international trade and investment disputes.

He has worked with both non-profit organizations and private companies, helping them establish legal and compliance infrastructures. A member of the American Bar Association, he is admitted to practice before state and federal courts as well as being published author/speaker/law clerk to Honorable Rodolfo Ruiz II at United States District Court of Florida Southern District he currently volunteers his services at Miami Legal Aid Society as a volunteer attorney.

Achievement and Honors

Tyler Benjamin is an extraordinary individual. Not only has he founded several startups, acted as treasurer for both Gallatin Student Council and Gentlemen of Quality organizations and worked tirelessly to improve NYU students’ experience but slept only five hours every night while making this all possible. Tyler’s resourcefulness is truly astounding!

He has also produced many horror-related videos that have become immensely popular on YouTube; for example, one such video, entitled ‘3 Scary True ‘Find My iPhone’ Horror Stories’ has amassed more than 1.1 million views alone!

His outstanding information studies graduate student work earned him the second annual Tyler S. Smith Internship, established to commemorate the UWM Libraries academic librarian and intern supervisor who passed away in 2016. This award recognizes an individual demonstrating exceptional leadership, communication and collaboration qualities within information studies graduate programs.

Personal Life

Tyler is a devoted son, brother, husband and friend who approaches life much the same as sports: with integrity and determination. Tyler attributes much of his character development to having participated in athletic fields and courts over his entire life.

He served on the editorial board of Widener Law Journal and is a member of Moot Court Honor Society. Additionally, he demonstrated a deep commitment to community service as Treasurer for both Black Student Union and Gentlemen of Quality at NYU.

Tyler’s southern states’ rights philosophy reinforced planter interests of the Democratic Party and contributed to sectional disunity. Although not technically a Whig, Tyler joined Henry Clay and Daniel Webster in opposing Jackson; signing tariff bills that protected northern manufacturers while brokering Webster-Ashburton treaties with them both.

Net Worth

Since his biological father left when he was only six, Jennifer Lepley and Charles Dinnis raised him as his sole parental figures. He is of Italian and Jamaican ancestry.

He is a very grounded and humble individual who prefers to keep their personal lives private. He avoids cameras and rarely appears in public settings.

The MIT graduate’s fortune derives primarily from his stake in crypto exchange Coinbase, which recently went public. Additionally, he owns stakes in numerous private companies such as Tiktok parent Bytedance and credit-monitoring firm Credit Karma – his shares in Credit Karma make up 98% of his net worth! Other holdings include Shenzhen-listed packaging products manufacturer Yunnan Energy New Material which he cofounded in 2020 and serves on its board of directors.

Tyler Benjamin
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