UB40’s “But I Can’t Help It” Lyrics

John and David Lowe wrote and performed the lyrics to the UB40 song, “But I Can’t Stop It”. The song was featured on the soundtrack to the 1997 film Sliver and on the soundtrack to the 2002 film Fools Rush In. The song also appeared on the album If I Can Dream, a tribute album honoring the 80th birthday of the singer. The song’s melody is different from “I Can’t Help It”, which can be found on the album.

This catchy pop punk song tells the story of being rejected by a girl that you love. The lyrics are a classic example of the power of being unrequited in love. The song’s message is clear: being rejected does not mean that you’re dumb or lacking connection. This is not the case for every situation. While many people can achieve a romantic connection, it is often not possible to make a love connection.

Elvis’ original version of the song didn’t chart, peaking at number 2 in 1962, behind Joey Dee’s “Peppermint Twist-Part 1” and Starliters. The UB40 version was a huge hit, both in terms of chart positions and its viral dance craze. Elvis’ original version became a wedding classic and a popular choice for receptions. In addition to UB40 and Andy Williams, other artists recorded the song, making it a wedding staple.

The lyrics to “But I Can’t Help It”, are powerful and relatable. Sara Bareilles’ voice is a powerful instrument, and the song’s jazzy flavor takes the listener back decades. This song will make anyone smile. The lyrics are a refreshing departure from the typical long-distance relationship song. In the first half of the song, the singer’s perspective is that of the person who left his significant other.

Aguilera’s final words to her father are heartbreaking and shocking. These words were meant to end a relationship but also show how a couple must work together through the challenges and joys of love and relationships. It is not easy to let someone go, but you need to keep fighting for each other. You can sing “The Bed’s Too Big without You” to your loved one.

UB40’s “But I Can’t Help It” Lyrics
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