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Uli Stein is a German cartoonist. Stein’s cartoons mainly focus on everyday situations portrayed by mice, cats, dogs, penguins, and pigs. He also creates cartoons for other events and topics, such as politics or football. Although he mainly sells books and postcards with his cartoons, there are a variety of other products based on them, such as games and utensils. How rich is Uli Stein?

Cartoonist. Born on December 26, 1946 in Hanover, Germany. Uli Stein fortune is estimated at around 15 million euros. By 2008 Stein had sold more than 90 million postcards and 9 million books in Germany alone, and his works had been translated into several languages. Since 1998 he has been drawing a cartoon for the German television magazine TV Hören undsehen. With the advent of widespread internet usage, Stein began using the web as a medium for his cartoons, but is skeptical of its use as a medium for books.

Bourgeois name: Uli Stein
Uli Stein size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1966
Training: Goetheschule Gymnasium, Free University of Berlin

What is Uli Stein’s net worth?
Uli Stein’s assets are currently € 15 million.

Books: Uli Stein’s animal life, I’ve Got It, But It’s Jammed !, That shouldn’t have come !, Get well soon !.
Is also often searched for: Ralph Ruthe, Martin Perscheid, Joscha Sauer, Tetsche.

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Uli Stein fortune

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