Uncharted 3 Mural Puzzle Help

Are you stumped by the mural puzzle in Uncharted 3? Here’s some uncharted 3 mural puzzle help. To create a complete figure, you’ll need to place all the body parts. This figure will interact with the relief of the man on the wall opposite the entrance. Then, place the staff part on the correct spot. This will help you unlock the next level.

The first mural puzzle in Uncharted 3 can be tricky, so we’ve compiled a quick guide that will guide you through the process. Understanding the symbols and how to combine them is also important. This guide is divided into two parts, each describing a different type of puzzle. This means that you will need to find a combination from the three symbols on this wall.

The second part of the game’s mural puzzle can also be difficult to solve. There are four types of statues with different weapons and shields. The first type of statue, a portrait depicting Sully, requires that the player line them up. To align them correctly, you will need to know which side each statue faces. To do this, simply press the triangle button on your controller, then turn with the analog stick.

The third type of mural puzzle is the one you can’t solve without a map or a journal. These will give you clues to solve your puzzle. For the most part, the most helpful information comes from panels on the floor. Each panel has a unique shape that is dependent on the neighboring panels. These panels are placed near a relief of one of four symbols. In the puzzle, you’ll need to locate the horse, eagle, and lion.

Uncharted 3’s graphics are simply stunning. The characters are more believable than ever and the environments are absolutely mind-blowing. The fire and sand look just as real as the characters. Nate’s subtle walking motions add to the realism. The game’s writing is as strong as the characters themselves. Motion-capture was used to give the game’s characters a realistic feel of the different environments.

The Moon Puzzle is the third type of mural puzzle. To open the map, you must run along the wall to decipher the message. Look out for the red circle that represents a moon symbol. You’ll also notice a red circle on the ground. Standing on this stone plate will unlock the map. Then, you’ll need to position the map so that it matches the drawing on the wall. The process is identical to the previous, except that you can now move the map to the right of the drawing.

Uncharted 3 Mural Puzzle Help
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