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Unheilig was a German band that had a variety of influences, including different pop and electronic styles, as well as tougher, nihilistic hard rock. How rich is unholy?

Music group. Unheilig was founded in Aachen, Germany. Unholy fortune is estimated at around 8 million euros. The band was founded in 1999 and mainly consisted of the singer Der Graf with various musical partners. He was accompanied by musicians Christoph “Licky” Termühlen, Henning Verlage and Martin “Potti” Potthoff during live performances. The group’s debut, Phosphorus, was released in 2000. Despite the resignation of Der Graf will Unheilig continue as a band without him.

Members: Henning Verlage, Christoph Termühlen, Martin Potthoff, Der Graf, Grant Stevens, José Alvarez-Brill.
Nationality: German
Her career began: 1999
Awards: ECHO – social commitment, ECHO – national producer

What is Unheilig’s fortune?
Unheilig’s assets are currently € 8 million.

Record label: Vertigo Berlin.
Music genres: Pop-Rock, New German Hardness, Alternative Rock, Industrial Metal.
Debut album: Phosphorus (2001).
Is also often searched for: Sotiria, Andreas Bourani, Xavier Naidoo, Helene Fischer.

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Unholy fortune

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