Upper Deck and Michael Jordan One-On-One Cards

Michael Jordan was a legend. Michael Jordan basketball cards are extremely rare and collectible due to his legendary numbers and signature sneakers. Many of these cards also hold nostalgic value. If you are lucky enough to own one, it is well worth the money. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this article. If not, I hope that you will purchase one in the near future. Here’s why. Don’t forget to get some Michael Jordan memorabilia.

This upper deck Michael Jordan one-on-one card was originally released in 1998. It has a Jordan picture on the back and is in excellent condition. You can find other one-on-one cards of Jordan by checking out the eBay Marketplace for authentic versions. The Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan card is a classic Michael Jordan card. It is limited to 50 copies. This card stands out from other Upper Deck Michael Jordan cards thanks to its die-cut design.

A rare Upper Deck Michael Jordan One-on-one card may be worth $2-3 million. The 1997 NBA All-Star Game jersey card is worth over $2 million. A Michael Jordan Upper Deck One-On-One card may be one of the ten most expensive sports cards ever! If it sells for that much, it could become one of the most expensive sports cards ever! You should act fast if you are looking to invest in one these rare cards!

Upper Deck has a long tradition of producing great products. They are the only company that can produce autographed cards from legendary players. For example, the Upper Deck 1992 NBA card set was created in partnership with McDonald’s. This collaboration allowed the company to create a complete collection for the franchise. It’s not only the Upper Deck products that are iconic. Upper Deck even partnered with McDonald’s restaurants to produce a basketball card set.

The Upper Deck Michael Jordan basketball cards were sold at auction for as much as $ three hundred dollars. A Michael Jordan three-thousand point card, released in September 1987, was recently sold for $ 738,000. However, this card only featured Jordan in 757 cards, whereas the Fleer rookie cards were available for less than a dollar. With these two new cards, collectors are sure to get their hands on the best Michael Jordan card.

Upper Deck and Michael Jordan One-On-One Cards
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