Uriella’s fortune

Uriella was a spiritual guide and trance medium. In 1980 she founded Fiat Lux just across the border in Germany and claimed to be God’s mouthpiece on earth, often predicting the end of the world. How rich is Uriella?

Born on February 20, 1929 in Zurich, Switzerland. Uriella’s fortune is estimated at around 9 million euros. It has also been unsuccessful in predicting legal problems, fines, and convictions. In 2000, a court ordered her to return more than CHF 600,000 to a former member. Uriella, known in German-speaking Switzerland but little known outside of German-speaking Switzerland, had a criminal record since 1994 when she was sentenced to a fine of 15,000 francs for violating pharmaceutical legislation.

Bourgeois name: Erika Hedwig Bertschinger-Eicke
Spouse: Eberhard Eicke (married 1991–2019), Kurt Warter (married 1984–1988), Max Bertschinger (married 1977–1982)
Uriella size: 1.60 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 1950

What is Uriella’s net worth?
Uriella’s assets are currently € 9 million.

Uriella died on February 24, 2019.
Is also often searched for: Christina von Dreien, Mike Shiva, Bernadette Meier-Brändle, Gabriele Wittek.

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Uriella’s fortune

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