USC Schedule Helper Chrome Extension

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The Chrome extension USC schedule tool makes it easy to check class availability. The extension notifies you if a class you’re interested in is full or has open seats. You can even subscribe to get email alerts when a spot becomes available. This tool is especially useful if you are unsure when to enroll in a course. The extension will also show you which courses overlap and how many seats there are.

USC is a top film school and graduates are highly sought after. The school began holding cinematography and screenwriting classes during the great depression and has many connections to the entertainment industry. USC students have some of the most interesting jobs in the country and around the world. Students can get help from schedule planners at USC to plan their classes and make the most of their time at USC. USC students can find an internship, volunteer, or intern position with the university’s Office of Student Employment (OSE) or take a job in HR at one of USC’s corporate headquarters.

USC Schedule Helper Chrome Extension
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