Valorant Agent Rumors

Valorant is set to launch in the second episode of Act 5, but the details surrounding the character are still a little sketchy. Riot Games has teased us with several cosmetic items, revealing that the new Agent, codenamed Mage will most likely be a Radiant with magic abilities. These cosmetic items will likely hint at some of the upcoming content in the next Act. In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few of the more intriguing rumors regarding Valorant.

Valorant’s weapons and gadgets will give players a wide range of options to use in many situations. There are 18 different weapons in total, divided into primary and secondary categories. Secondary weapons can be used for damage, while primary weapons can be used by enemies to disable vehicles or finish off enemies. Valorant offers a variety of other gadgets such as C4 and knives. Each weapon will have a unique look that will allow you to customize your arsenal to the exact need of the situation.

Neon is a fun character to play in Valorant. Style points are earned by Neon sprinting and sliding fearlessly into battle. Her kit is a bit questionable. Her abilities are best suited for an all-in style and she has a comparatively low amount of disengage. Neon is a good choice if you are looking for a high-risk agent. So, be prepared for a lot of action – it’s a fun agent.

Varun Batra is a name from Hindu mythology. The Hindu god Varuna represents the oceans, and it makes sense that the new Agent might have aquatic abilities. This would be in line with other Agent abilities such as Sage, Phoenix, and Jett that are elemental. This new agent could join the ranks of an anti-hero in the Season of Valorant. These hints suggest that the character’s name will be popular.

Deadeye was teased in the One Year Anthem for VALORANT. This Agent may have a scar under his eye that makes him look like Fortnite’s Midas. Like Sova, he may carry the same type of rifle, but his appearance is unclear as yet. He could become an Agent of any type in the near future depending on how he was originally made. It remains to see how he does in the game.

Reyna has the highest number of picks in ranked, but doesn’t see a ton of use in the professional game. Yoru, on the other hand, has been making the meta a bit more competitive, but still doesn’t have a proper place to shine. It has several team comps, so build wisely. If you play wisely and understand the utility of each of these abilities, you’ll be well ahead of most other agents.

Fade, the next Valorant agent has an unusual ability to find out where an enemy is hiding. Although the codename is Fade, his ability to reveal where an enemy is hiding is not yet confirmed. Fade was teased at Valorant’s Masters Reykjavik tournament last Sunday. Episode 4 Act 3 will feature this character, which will be the newest Agent to be introduced into the game.

Valorant Agent Rumors
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