Valorant New Skin Bundle

The VALORANT new skin bundle offers the opportunity to buy a new skin and other cosmetics. This bundle includes a few weapon skins, and is a great way for you to get new cosmetics for your character. The Valorant Store has the new skins. You can also unlock new skins every day with the bundle. Every day, the store will have four weapon skins on offer. If you buy all four, you will receive a thank you message.

Five skins are included in the new skin bundle for Valorant. These include the Operator skin for the Jett class, the Phantomtom skin for the Jett class, and three player cards. These skins will be available for a price of 7,100 VP. The bundle also includes randomized model changes and weapon variants based on the character’s level.

Some skins are only available for Valorant Champions. You can purchase them individually or buy a bundle with a melee and ranged skin for your character. You can also purchase Valorant skins through the Battle Pass, or exchange Valorant points with other players. These can then be used to upgrade your Valorant weapon. Upgrades typically cost around ten to fifteen RP each.

The Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos inspired Valorant’s latest skin bundle. This holiday is celebrated on November first and second. Walt Disney’s animated film COCO illustrates this holiday and its traditions. This new skin bundle features bright and vibrant colours. It also comes in two versions: one for NightLightning and one for Daylighting.

The Oni Knife is one of the most popular weapons in Valorant. It looks just like a captured enemy’s soul. The Oni Collection also includes Bucky, Shorty, and Guardian. The total package will cost 7,100 VP. You can also buy individual weapon skins with VPs.

Valorant will soon be getting a new skin bundle that includes multiple new weapons. This bundle is expected to arrive on the market in November. The bundle contains four new weapon skins that have a redesigned look. The skins are available in a variety of color schemes and feature an amazing finisher animation. The bundle also includes a new melee weapon and other cosmetics.

Riot Games announced the release of a new line of skins that will be available in Fortnite’s store in the near future, in addition to the Valorant skin bundle. The new skin bundle will include exclusive skins and new items. Two new items will be added to the Champions 2022 skin collection. These include a new Phantom skin and one for Ares.

Valorant New Skin Bundle
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