Valorant New Skins Bundle by Riot Games

The Valorant New Skins Bundle is an exciting release by Riot Games. These skins celebrate Chinese New Year with colors that honor the year of the Tiger. In addition, the Lunar Celebration Pass comes with a special holographic projectionor, cloud gun buddy, and five skins to wear. There are also new player cards to celebrate the New Year as well. You can find all the new skins for Valorant on the Valorant website.

The Valorant Ruination skin bundle will contain different skins. Each skin will cost a few hundred dollars. One of these skins is the Blade of Serket. Riot may also release other melee weapons. One of these weapons could be a Vandal skin. Riot has teased that this skin is coming soon. However, the price for the Valorant’s skin may be 1.23 times higher than usual.

Valorant will release a new Reaver bundle in addition to the Reaver skin bundle. This bundle will include a variety of weapon skins. The bundle will also include a Reaver player card. It is estimated that the new Reaver bundle will be 7000 Valorant points. As a comparison, the RGX 11z skins will cost 900 Valorant points.

As part of the new bundle, players can also purchase skins. There are a variety of skins available for Valorant, including the Select Edition and Deluxe Edition as well as the Premium Edition. Each of these skins will cost approximately ten or fifteen Valorant Points. These can be used to upgrade a Valorant’s weapon. Each tier costs about 10 or fifteen RP. The bundles will be released at a later date, so players are encouraged to check back soon.

Valorant has a news page and social media presence. Here you can find out more about the game. You can also keep up with the latest updates and skin releases to stay in touch with what’s happening in the game. You’ll be able help others and have fun while playing Valorant. There are many ways to keep up with Valorant.

The Valorant Run It Back Bundle will be available soon after the Valorant 5.01 patch is released. This bundle will include new animations and prominent Valorant skins. Among the new skins in the Valorant Run It Back 3 bundle is the Ego Stinger. The Valorant Run It Back 3 bundle is available for $5100 Valorant Points. The Valorant Run It Back 3 Bundle will be released in the next few weeks.

Valorant New Skins Bundle by Riot Games
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