Vehbi Koc fortune

Vehbi Koç was a Turkish entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded the Koç Group, one of the largest corporate groups in Turkey. In the course of his life he became one of the richest citizens of Turkey. How rich is Vehbi Koc?

Businessman. Born on July 20, 1901 in Ankara, Turkey. Vehbi Koc fortune is estimated at around 5 billion euros. Koç began his professional career in 1917 in the small grocery store that his father opened for him in Ankara. The first company he founded was “Koçzade Ahmet Vehbi” and in 1926 it was registered with the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. While engaged in trading, he became the local agent for Ford Motor Company and Standard Oil (now Mobil) in 1928. When Ankara became the capital of the young Turkish Republic, construction activities increased and Vehbi Koç started trading building materials, building accessories and hardware. After establishing branches in Istanbul and Eskişehir in 1938, Koç consolidated its companies under the name Koç Ticaret A.Ş.

Bourgeois name: Ahmet Vehbi Koç
Spouse: Sadberk Koç
Children: Rahmi Koç, Semahat Sevim Arsel, Suna Kıraç, Sevgi Gönül
Vehbi Koc size: 1.73 m
Nationality: Turkish
His career began: 1917

What is Vehbi Koc’s net worth?
Vehbi Koc’s assets are currently € 5 billion.

Established organizations: Koç Holding, Vehbi Koç Foundation.
Is also often searched for: Ali Koç, Sakıp Sabancı, Hacı Sabancı, Nejat Eczacıbaşı.

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Vehbi Koc fortune

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