Vietnam Flashback Dog

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If you are a fan of funny memes, you may have seen a Vietnam flashback dog. These dogs are cute and full of nostalgia. In addition, you can learn a lot about the war and its impact on the Vietnamese people by viewing the following memes:

Nemo, a German shepherd, fought alongside his owner during the Vietnam War. He was a canine combat vet and was named after Robert Throneburg. Nemo helped Airman Bob Throneburg defeat the enemy during a 1966 battle. Nemo’s attack gave Throneburg time to call for reinforcements, and he was able to crawl on top of his wounded owner. He continued fighting despite his injuries and his owner was able save him.

For security on bases, American forces used dogs in Vietnam. These dogs acted as alerts to detect ambush activities and hunt down fleeing enemy units. German shepherds such as Smokey, as well as mixes of shepherd types and Labrador retrievers, were often used for this purpose. Although they were highly trained, they were not purebred. Most dogs were donated to the military by civilian families. They are sometimes called “Vietnam flashback dog” because of this.

Vietnam Flashback Dog
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