VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station Review

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The VTech Helping Heroes Fire station is a great way to get your child involved in fire safety. This fun toy comes with two fire trucks, a ladder, and a mini helicopter for hours of fire-fighting fun. It also comes with a gym and song CD for even more entertainment. Here are some great reasons why this toy is the perfect choice for toddlers:

The Helping Heroes Fire Station can be transformed into a multi-level fire station, complete with a helicopter and mini rescue vehicle. This playset has a Talking Point location that plays phrases and fun sounds about firefighters. It also comes with three Action Buttons for your child to use to interact with the fire trucks and fire station. After a few minutes, the toy will shut off automatically. You can turn it back on by sliding the Off/Low/High Volume Selector to the low volume position. Talking Point is interactive and offers sound effects and music for children’s enjoyment.

VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station Review
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