Walter Droege fortune

Walter Droege is a German billionaire businessman who is the founder and CEO of the Droege International Group. How rich is Walter Droege?

Businessman. Born in Germany in 1952. Walter Droege fortune is estimated at around 9.7 billion euros. Walter Droege founded Droege International Group AG in Düsseldorf in 1988, which offers restructuring and reorganization advice. Droege is married, has at least one son and lives in Düsseldorf.

Bourgeois name: Walter PJ Droege
Walter Droege size: 1.75 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1975

What is the net worth of Walter Droege?
Walter Droege’s assets are currently € 9.7 billion.

Established organization: Droege Group
Is also often searched for: Klaus ‑ Michael Kühne, Heinz Hermann Thiele, Beate Heister, Friedhelm Loh.

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Walter Droege fortune

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