Ways to Help Citizens of Hjaalmarch

There are several ways to help the citizens of Hjaalmarch, and this quest is no different. The quest will be completed if you find three of the five citizens still alive. If not, you’ll have to complete the quest in the same way. Here are some tips to help you locate and assist the citizens. You can earn rewards by helping the citizens.

In the Morthal town of Hjaalmarch, you must investigate a burned-down house. Once you find the house, you’ll have to help three citizens. One of these citizens is Aslfur, the Jarl’s steward. You can also buy a plot of land from him. Just make sure you don’t kill anyone if you want to earn more money. Once you’ve finished the quest, you can return to the Jarl’s hall and obtain the Blade of Hjaalmarch.

Talking to Valdimar (a Nord sorcerer) is another way to help Hjaalmarch’s citizens. He is located at Highmoon Hall, Morthal. After completing the quest, Valdimar will become your personal housecarl and will offer you rewards. He can also help you collect iron ore for Gestur Rockbreaker. Similarly, you can deliver letters and messages to Danica Pure-Spring.

Ways to Help Citizens of Hjaalmarch
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